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These links will be modified or phased out Soon. Please change your book mark to here.

Starfleet Command I Hacking Tutorials

    Document Size Writer
    Hacking SFC1 Save Game Files 3 kB
    From I'm getting lots of questions about how I hacked the Klingon saved games so I could play the drone ships. It's fairly simple, and I've thrown together a brief tutorial on how.
    Document Size Writer
    Hacking SFC Scenario Files 4 kB
    From I may not have figured out the API included on the Bonus CD, but I have been able to hack some scenarios.

Starfleet Command Modding Introduction

    Document Size Writer
    Modding 101 401 kB Wicked Zombie
    From the Taldren UBB: ...I have finished the modding tutorial. Keep in mind, this is NOT an in depth look into modding. This will just get you started on making/modifying your own ships.

Official Starfleet Command Modelling Manual

Document Size Author
SFC3 Modelling Tools 4.71 MB Taldren

All the tools you need to export you models into SFC3. This file includes a detailed instruction manual.

Starfleet Command 3 Editing Manual

Document Size Author
SFC3 Spec Editing Manual 673 kB Nomad

This manual shows detailed instructions on how to edit a ships specifications in SFC3.

It can also be downloaded at, the homepage of the author.

Starfleet Command Modelling Installation FAQ

Texturing for SFC in Milkshape

Ccreating a 9 race map in SFC3

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