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Starfleet Universe Staff  

So who makes Starfleet Universe tick? Why, these people of course:

Raven Night
| Executive Director

Brad Bowermaster
| Administrator, Coordinator, and Webmaster
Brad has been with the SFC Community since the SFC1 Demo in August 1999. Having several stints around the community, Brad started out as a modeler at Newships Project and then took a staff position as Public Relations Officer. After Newships Project went on a hiatus, Brad then became a Shipyard Assistant and Docking Ring Engineer at Starfleet Battles to Starfleet Command After SFB 2 SFC took a break, Brad then went back to his roots at Newships Project as Project Manager and eventually would come to revive Starfleet Universe.

Joseph 'JoeRad' Conrad
| General Information and Web Maintenance
A rarely seen ( but often heard from) member of the Starfleet and gaming community in general, Joseph often goes by the net name of "JoeRad". Now at the age of 18 he is the administrator of a discussion site (NATIONSFORUM.US) as well as his volunteer work at SFU.

Joshua '3dot14' Li
| General Information, Resources, Links, and Web Maintenance
"I am just another one of your run of the mill Star Trek geek. (Did I say that aloud?) I have been fan of Starfleet Command since the start and will do my best to bring the news to the SFC community. I'm also webmaster of the Newships Project."

Join Starfleet Universe!

Would you like to be a part of the staff here at Starfleet Universe? We're always on the lookout for talented individuals to help out with news updates and/or anything else you feel you can contribute to the site! Shoot a mail to giving him some details about what you'd like to do for Starfleet Universe and what previous online work you've done before or are currently doing!

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