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for more ship models and textures

Ship Models
    Ship Size Creator(s)
    SFC3 Ship Mod Pack v2 36.5 MB dderidex

    The mod pack contains 11 ships complete with hull diagrams and schematics. All enclosed in one easy to use self-guiding installer!
    The version 2 fixes some installing problems of the previous version. and now has more ships:
    For the Federation: the Ambassador, the Constellation, the New Orleans, For the Klingons: the L9, the D16, a new Feklhr model. For the Romulans, the mod adds Valdore, and new models for Talon and Hawk. It all provides two new models (Maquis Raider and Talarian Cruise) for the Pirates.(click the picture for more details.)

    Windows 98/ME users: when the install batch files are finished, just click the "X" to close the DOS window so the installer can continue.
    To Uninstall: Click the "Uninst" shortcut located on the desktop.
    It requires a fresh installation of SFC3, and CANNOT be installed on top of previous version.


    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Bolian Starseeker 2.5 MB 3dot14

    The Starseeker-class frigate was the workhorse of the Bolian Commonwealth fleet. Although the Bolians are not a warrior race, they do pack surprisingly amount of weaponry into a small frigate class ship. After the Bolians joined the Federation, the majority of the Bolian fleet was dismantled. Only a few small Starseeker-class remained for sentimental values.

    The most famous Starseeker ship was the Bolian Commonwealth Ship "Valdeux's Faith", who made first contact with the Federation starship USS Griffin. The current BCS "Valdeux's Faith" is the 7th ship to bear that name since.


    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Andromeda Acsendant 5.4 MB Khaliban

    For More information: Click here.

    Mesh and Texture by Khaliban. SFC3 conversion by 3dot14.



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