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Ship Models
    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Romulan Valdore Warbird 1.12 MB Dawn
    The Valdore is a new generation warship being tested by the Romulans. It is rumored to have linked to the Remans. Little is known about this ship at this time.
    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Andromeda Ascendant 4.16 MB Khaliban
    This is a model of the Andromeda Ascendant,titular ship of the sci-fi TV show Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda Click the picture for more information on this beautiful ship.


    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon Battleship rework 427 kB jrstandfast
    This is an attempt to capture the classic "Klingon" look using the stock models. The top warps and barber pole weapon (?) were removed, and extensive retexturing done. The author's B10 warp nacelles were added. A more traditional Klingon bridge structure was added.


    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon Dreadnought rework 416 kB jrstandfast
    This is an attempt to capture the classic "Klingon" look using the stock models. The 5 warps had to go, dropped to 3.

    This model includes two mod files, the kc8.mod is the standard 3 nacelled version with the single upper warp. The kc9.mod depicts a version with the 3rd warp moved to the bottom and a weapons "rollbar" on top.


    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon Bird of Prey Prototype 420 kB jrstandfast
    This model represents an Early E3Y prototype. It is a rework of the stock Taldren KFF, original credits to Taldren.

    Textures and mesh were reworked by me. This is another attempt by me to blend the Taldren and SFB types.


    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon Escort rework 468 kB jrstandfast
    This model represents an Early klingon E-3/4 Frigate. It is a rework of the stock Taldren KFF, original credits to Taldren.

    This is a "stripped down" version of the Prototype E3Y. Variable wing geometry was removed along with the cloak device. Hangar bays were added. The Photon launcher in the pod was replaced by a disruptor cannon. These ships were fitted out in a variety of roles, and served for many years.


    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon D5 rework 422 kB jrstandfast
    This is a rework and extensive retexture of the stock KCA to D5 configuration. It was inspired by Atrahasis' beautiful D5, but has only 650 polys and 256 maps. Uses the stock brk model and hardpoints.this one has not been resized, the new modsiz file will resize it to whatever class you place it in.


    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon CA refit 629 kB jrstandfast

    This is a rework of the Stock KCA to a more detailed appearance. Rounded bridge sections were added, the KA "borg green" textures were replaced and the model was remapped to allow proper texturing of some areas.

    There are 5 modfiles included that use common maps, a KCA, a Fast KCA with enhanced warps, and 3 versions of a Strike carrier.

    the highest poly count in the pack is 680 polys, all maps are 256.

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Federation Strike Carrier 661 kB jrstandfast

    This represents the USS Gallant Strike Carrier, as requested by FPF Wanderer.
    It is a rework of P81's Avenger (with permission).... changes include moving the photon launchers to the upper deck, changing the warps to LN68 configuration, removing the rollbar and adding hanger detail etc.

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon B10 Battleship 463 kB jrstandfast

    This is the rework of the Taldren KCV, I wanted to try and depict a more traditional styled Klingon ship in both design and profile. This is a line ship variant without hangars found on the B10V.

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon B10V Super Carrier 365 kB jrstandfast

    This is the rework of the Taldren KCV, I wanted to try and depict a more traditional styled Klingon ship in both design and profile. The bottom hangars were removed, warps moved to the lower position and a hangar deck added to the top of the ship. This is a low-res version.

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon D6 Cruiser 320 kB jrstandfast

    This model represents the Klingon D6 Cruiser as depicted at Masao Okasaki's excellent site, the Starfleet Museum.

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon D4 Cruiser 325 kB jrstandfast

    This model represents the Klingon D4 Cruiser as depicted at Masao Okasaki's excellent site, the Starfleet Museum.

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Klingon D5 War Cruiser Rework 404 kB Kalion

    This is a rework of the stock Taldren model. The third nacelle was removed to make this a twin-nacelled cruiser.

    • Model brks (exploding model)-no
    • Textured-yes
    • Hardpoints/damgae points-yes
    • Ship (mod) file-yes
    • SFC II illumination maps-yes

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    valQIS Klingon Light Cruiser 716 kB jrstandfast

    Original Model by Taldren.Kitbash and rework of stock Taldren DD. Kitbash and texture work by Gow (jrstandfast) Original concept,Inspiration and feedback by Khemaraa iron Hand (Sandman).

    Intended as a replacement for the stock Klingon d-5 light cruiser. Model is sized, though hard points are not done due to technical difficulties.

    The valQIS class is named after heros who have been honored by having thier names carved into the walls of the Hall of Heros for deeds which must never be told of.

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Tal Shi'ar Shrike 129 kB Lord Delekhan
    From Email: "Like all things Tal Shi'ar the Shrike's appearance is surrounded in intrigue. The origins of the cruiser are unknown, as are the origins of the designs. The Shrike is equipped with inset nacelles, each carrying three warp engines. The ship is well armed carrying a massive payload of plasma for its class, and its maneuverability and acceleration exceed even frigate class ships. The first appearance of the Shrike coincided almost to the day with the Federations completion of the Defiant class. This is not the only similarity, the engine systems, weapons systems, and even the general appearance are all to close to be coincidence. The discovery of these facts have forced the Federation to completely review its security from the bottom up."

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Na ra'Den 277 kB Lord Delekhan
    From Email: "Perhaps no grander scheme was ever concieved in the empires history. The house of lor'Vak in an attept to gain control of the counsel plotted with the Romulans. They expended every holding they had to construct a special fleet, the flagship of which would be a battleship that cloaked. Chr'ok, the eldest of the five brothers, was to oversee the construction and then command the flagship, the first of the fleet of ships to be built. While traveling to the shipyards his K'Tinga was lost in an ion storm. His brother Roh, the eldest remaing then took charge. While he made his way there he was besieged by an Orion pirate fleet and was killed in the battle. And so it continued until the last remaining son of the house of lor'Vak was dead. ri'Hrek, the father and mastermind behind the plan was disrought. He sought to cancel all the construction only to discover the flagship had been completed. His holdings depleted, all his heirs dead, ri'Hrek ordered the ship be delivered to the high counsel as the last vestige of the house of lor'Vok. Before he departed never to be seen or heard of again he named the ship Na ra'Den (Carrier of Doom) for doom was what it brought to his house, it is said that he hoped it would do as much for the high counsel."

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Raven 217 kB Lord Delekhan
    From Email: "Carrying an amazing amout of firepower for a frigate class ship, the Raven is a fleet class escort. The quick speed and awsome punch of the Raven tend to make it seem more a destroyer then a frigate. Its design may have been for just that purpose. By all outward appearances its modest size would have you believe it is nothing of any concern. Once again proving the process of Romulan design is riddled with deception and misleading appearance."

Alternate Ship Textures/Skins
    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Volume 2 Plasma Textures 170 kB Bill Lazar
    From Email: "Enclosed you will find the following replacement plasma textures for use with SFCv2. green-plasma.BMP orange-plasma.BMP red-plasma.BMP violet-plasma.BMP yellow-plasma.BMP To use, first backup the original files located in your SFCv2 Assets/textures sub-directory. Then copy the new files overwriting the old ones. These textures were obtained by massive filtering of the original textures using Paint Shop Pro."

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Volume 2 Shuttlepack 471 kB Pprboy2000
    From Email: "This .zip file contains SFC 2 compatible shuttles for all nine races represented in the new game. Each contains working luminosity maps. I want to give credit where credit is due, and stress that the Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, Hydran and Lyran textures are NOT my own, but were authored at the Newships Project several months ago. Out of respect for their work, I did not alter the textures themselves. I only added illumination maps. The Federation, Orion, Mirak and ISC shuttles are my own designs. All shuttles have been tested in SFC 2, and are bug-free as far as I know."

    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Volume 2 Federation Battleship 440 kB Pprboy2000
    From Email: "This .zip file contains slightly modified textures and luminosity maps for the SFC 2 Federation battleship (FBB). Unzip it and place these files in the assets/models/fbb folder of SFC 2, allowing them to overwrite the existing textures. The modifications are nothing severe, just the addition of saucer running lights and a few more glowing portholes here and there. This is meant as a follow-up to the redos for the FFF, FDD, FCL, FCA, FDN and FBCH textures I posted on this site a couple of months ago. Enjoy! "

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