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These links will be modified or phased out Soon. Please change your book mark to here.

General SFC3 Documents

    Document Size Author
    D3 Players Guide at 898 kB Ztempest
    ZTempest of has compiled a detailed guide for al the new users to the Starfleet Command 3 Dynaverse environment. The guide covers the basic etiquette when playing in the Online Persistent Universe, and also contains several great user-friendly tactics to help you to rise through the ranks.

    This guide is sancationed by Taldren and Activision, and can be considered the "official" word on D3.

    This guide is hosted by

    Document Size Author
    SFC3 Firing Arc Chart 47 kB Lord Vader
    This Chart identifies possible weapon firing arcs in SFC3. It is invaluable for users who wish to modify the default firing arcs on the ships in the game.

    Document Size Author
    SFC3 Spec Editing Manual 673 kB Nomad

    This manual shows detailed instructions on how to edit a ships specifications in SFC3.

    It can also be downloaded at, the homepage of the author.

General SFC2 Documents

    Document Size Author
    NT Ship Guide Version 4 207 kB NT_novae
    We are proud to announce the release of the Nexus Travellers Ship Guide version 4. The cells are colored (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue, blue being best) to act as a mnemonic visual aid in assisting one who wishes to learn the ships, or even just a few favorites well.

    Each race is placed on its own page in the workbook, and ordered by BPV starting with the most expensive ship. The pages have "frozen panes", meaning you can scroll down (or over) and the heading (weapons, shields, etc.) will remain visible.

    This version is based on patch 2033.

    As a special bonus, the most comprehensive public hotlist has been included, which suggests the best ships for each race in bpv slots of 5 for each era (very handy as an ladder match guide).

    Microsoft Excel required to view this file or you can download this free Excel Document Viewer to use if you don't have Excel.

    The file is also avaialble at 14G fleet's website.
    The earlier version are also avaialble at SFU:
    For version 3 click here | For version 2 click here.

    Document Size Author
    Ship Name Tutorial 210 kB Dead Meat
    This tutorial will teach you how to mod the game so that you can change the starship classes and names.

    Document Size Author
    Klingon Basic Combat Manual 874 kB The Black Fleet
    "This manual, put together by The Black Fleet, is designed to be an authoritative guide for new and intermediate skilled Klingon players. The manual should also help any SFC player improve their enjoyment of the game as the manual covers many basic tactics, ideas and skills that need to be mastered regardless of whatever race you wish to play."

    This is version 1.3 of the manual, revised March 2002.
    This is a zip file that contains the manual in 'RichText Format.' (RTF) It is compatible with a wide range of word processors.

General SFC1 Documents

    Document Size Author
    Ship Stats Document 37 kB 1_novae_1
    "Ive just completed my awesome new SFCshipstats document. Its an excel file that lists all the starships, freighters, and starbases for each empire. The columns are the important ship statistics, such as bpv, power, # of transporters, sheilds, weapons, max shuttles, etc. Its a very handy guide for anyone to pick out what ships to fly, especially since the foldout that came with the CD is now outdated. The statistics have been proofread by lots of people, so everything should be accurate."

    Microsoft Excel required to view this file or you can download this free Excel Document Viewer to use if you don't have Excel.

    For Novae's Ship Comparison Manual for SFC1 click here.

    Document Size Author
    Kavik Kang’s Multiplayer Tactics Manual 104 kB Marc Michalik
    "This is the best manual that has been produced for SFC. The manuals that have come with the games have not discussed tactics in any depth. This manual set out to introduce players new to StarFleet Battles (which SFC has been converted from) on what tactics were actually available in SFC. The manual is also to show SFB players how their game has been converted to real-time SFC. Lastly, the manual also skims through a lot of SFB background material that will be of interest to players new to SFC who know nothing of SFB."

    Microsoft Excel required to view this file or you can download this free Excel Document Viewer to use if you don't have Excel.

    Document Size Author
    Era Timeline for SFC 1.1 MB Michael Williams
    "Here is the brief summary in which it would seem StarTrek StarFleet Command was created. According to the Eras you should have the ability to create your spec file in the correct manner to follow the timeline. Each era is a span of 20 years and not 30 as I previously thought."

    Document Size Author
    Campaign_Tips.doc 44 kB Stargazer187
    I have written a small file of tips and tricks for SFC.

    Document Size Author
    MS Excel Ship Database 15 kB Drifter
    You will need Microsoft Excel to view this document. If you do not have MS Excel, you can download a free viewer program here (3.9 MB)

    Document Size Author
    MS Access Ship Database 1.4 MB Eraser
    You will need Microsoft Access to view this document.
    Document Size Author
    Weapon Arc's Chart 140 kB Contact Email
    From Email: A few people (myself included) have had questions regarding Firing Arcs, specifically the abbreviations used on the ships data sheet enclosed in the retail box of the game. I have compiled a chart showing the various abbreviations used on the data sheet and how they translate to two-dimensional firing arcs. Four abbreviations are not on the chart (FXR, FXL, RXR, and RXL) because I could not see how they are any different from arcs already defined. The rest, however, are on the chart.

1.01.00 Patch Ship Cost Documents

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