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These links will be modified or phased out Soon. Please change your book mark to here.

Alien Encounter

Document Size Author Type
Download Now! 483 kB JIM Skirmish
Our intelligence has picked up a distress call from Xavian III - a small binary system with one planet. Since the planet is in the neutral zone, we can't send in a fleet. You will be on your own.
Our information is sketchy, but apparently some kind of creatures are attacking the planet. Find out what you can and try to help those people. It will go a long way toward negotiating their entry into our society!

Coop-Ace 3.0.1

Document Size Author Type
Download Now! 989 kB MagnumMan
In this multiplayer script up to 6 people confront a massive randomly generated enemy armada. The enemy is customizable my the game host through an external configuration program. The enemy's difficulty level, race, and hull class can be controlled. This script is absolutely excellent for race-specific training as well as team action training - plus it's a ton of fun!
For More Info: Visit KhoroMag Gaming

Drone Wars

Document Size Author Type
Download Now! 434 kB JIM Skirmish
DeSimple skirmish mission - your fleet vs 3 Mirak MDC+ drone cruisers. Practice your drone tactics... Inspired by a post in the forums claiming 3 Mirak MDC+ drone cruisers were impossible to beat...


Document Size Author Type
Download Now! 195 kB cam78 Campaign
A D2 general campaign mission. In single player, rescue a fellow pirate from an enemy prison-ship, and score some booty for yourself. In multiplayer, free your associate as a pirate or rush to the prison ship's defence when playing as one of the eight Empires.

Plastimus Run

Document Size Author Type
Download Now! 244 kB Centuri Vaughn Multiplayer
Must stop the Pirate Platimus before he leaves the sector and destroy any remaining ships.


Document Size Author Type
Download Now! 383 kB JIM Campaign

Mission 1: New Beginning
You were born in a dark, grimy back room in one of the poorest slums on Orion. Your parents were killed by the pirate Blackjaw when you were just 8. You and your sister were sold into slavery, and you have been working on one ship or another for the last 10 years. Through hard work, you finally managed to save enough for your own ship.

Mission 2: Old Enemies
Upon returning from your first mission, you quickly grew to like your new chief engineer. Paco was about your age, and a wiz with anything mechanical. Having convinced you the plasma G was too large for your ship, he disappeared into the black market of Orion and returned with a plasma F launcher, a phaser 1, and enough spare parts to fix the cloaking device and boost your shields by 50%. You decide you like him.

Sector Assualt 1.0b1

Document Size Author Type
Download Now! 989 kB MagnumMan Multiplayer
This script is designed primarily for campaign systems. Using this script and the included configuration program you can set up a scenario with:
  • Any starbase playable by the host with full loadout support.
  • Option of zero to eight DefSats optimally placed around the base.
  • Option of zero to three FRDs placed behind the base.
  • Option to have no planet, a light planet, or a heavy (Ph4 armed) planet placed behind the FRDs or base.
  • Option of disabling the host's selected space dock ships.
  • NEW! Optional startup damage for every ship in the game including starbase and planet.

For More Info: Visit KhoroMag Gaming

When to Say When

Document Size Author Type
Download Now! 450 kB JIM Campaign
Destroy as many ships as possible before being forced to retreat...

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