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    Ship Size Creator(s)
    Fighter PF Mods v 4 13.7 MB Rod O'Neal


    This mod puts fighters and PFs in the game for all the playable races. I'm not talking about going to the Klingon section and finding a Lyran carrier. Go to the Lyrans and select Carriers with fighters along with the PF tenders you're used to having. This is true for ALL the races.

    Courtesy of Gamespot
    Courtesy of Gamespot
    Courtesy of Gamespot
    Courtesy of Gamespot

    There are about 200 ships added. You'll find Carriers and PF tenders, of course, as well as escorts, PF varients, including drone, assault, leaders, PF+'s, phaser, and Fi-Cons. (I converted the scout Varients to Fi-Cons, since there aren't any scout functions in SFC.) The Klingons, for example, have 18 PF varients alone! Harrier, Howler, and Hellions for the Hydrans etc... Also included are SFB style fighters, Federation F-18s, F-14s, etc... Klingon Z-Ys, Hydran St.IIs with "real fusion beams", and more. There are also scripts included for each race to allow you to get a feel for the mod.

    Email Rod O'Neal if there is any quetions!

    Be sure to visit the mod's homepage

    If you are problem with Fileplanet, you can use the: Download Mirror at Fighter/PF Mod Homepage

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