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Undying Walkthrough: Start

Here it is, the complete Undying walkthrough! This walkthrough is intended to be a quick-and-dirty guide to getting you unstuck when you're playing the game. We don't describe every turn and twist, every monster placement, story elements, or every location of health packs and stuff. And we don't have screenshots. We just want to give clues at the rough spots, since we assume that everything else will be pretty clear. We also assume that if you are the exploring type, or you need health/ammo/etc, then you will explore the areas you'll come to. Our instructions here are to simply get you from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible, but of course you'll be missing a lot of great stuff if you don't explore thoroughly along the way.
    So, even if we don't say it...
  • kill the monsters that attack you
  • try to open any door you see
  • grab whatever inventory items you find
  • explore all nooks, crannies, and ledges
  • look around and enjoy once in a while

[O] Standing Stones' Undying Walkthrough Index
Beginning: Manor through Mausoleum
Covers the very first section of the game, from the Manor through your short Oneiros trip to and beyond the Mausoleum.

Lizbeth: Old Cemetary to Catacombs
Leads you to the combat with the first boss, Lizbeth Covenant.

Ambrose: Manor to Pirates Cove and back
Describes getting from the Lizbeth fight to where you fight Ambrose Covenant.

Otto Keisinger: Manor to Oneiros
Defeat your long-time nemesis Keisinger, on his own turf in Oneiros

Aaron: Manor to Cottage to Crypt
Put Aaron Covenant out of his misery, this time for good.

Final Fights: Bethany and Undying King
Get through the Eternal Autumn plane of existance to slay Bethany, and the final boss.