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Undying Spells

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you plan on playing Undying or have not finished yet, since we show things that you really should see for the first time in-game.

Patrick Galloway's experience with the supernatural along with the overwhelming amount of occult knowledge and literature on the Covenant estate allows you to pick up many new spells during your adventures in Undying. These spells give you all kinds of new powers, the better to survive the Undying King's hordes.

   Standing Stones' List of Spells in Undying
Allows you, in certain spots in the game, to see visions and to see into the past. Also shows a bright glow around enemies, even in dark areas. Finally, it shows the area immediately around you in an otherworldly light, which can be useful in very dark places.

A very short range offensive spell that allows you to cast bolts of ectoplasm against opponents, causing them damage.

Dispel will nullify magic in your immediate vicinity, allowing you to pass through barriers. It also does away with the effect of a Mindshatter spell or the venom from a Skarrow. This spell has a small ramp-up time before it acts.

Invoke allows you to reanimate recently killed creatures. It also immediately destroys Undead Saints, and will cause certain human enemies to commit suicide.

Haste temporarily increases player speed and vision.

This spell forms a magical barrier protecting your front, and can withstand several attacks (depending on the power of the attack). This barrier shatters after a certain time.

Skull Storm
Allows you to conjure and throw skulls that explode on impact. Amplification increases the number of skulls you can conjure at once.

Gives you the power to cast bolts of lightning. When used in conjunction with the spear gun, can bring down a powerful bolt from the sky that devastates your opponent.

Provides the ability to accelerate in any direction, regardless of gravity, for a short duration. Cannot be amplified.

(Mind Shatter)
This spell can only be cast by the Sil Lith inhabitants, and severely hampers player vision.