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Undying Main Characters

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you plan on playing Undying or have not finished yet, since we show things that you really should see for the first time in-game.

These are the big players in the events that enshroud the Covenant manor and Patrick Galloway. You'll face them all at some point, sometimes in different forms. Horror awaits.

   Standing Stone's Journal of Undying's Main Characters
Patrick Galloway
An investigator of the supernatural, called to the Covenant estate by Jeremiah Covenant. Galloway served under Jeremiah in World War 1 in a special unit who's job it was to investigate paranormal reports.

Otto Keisinger
A powerful warlock, invited to the Manor by Bethany Covenant to further her magical studies. Keisinger had been involved in some unknown past incident which caused Galloway to be banished.

Jeremiah Covenant
The eldest Covenant sibling and Patrick's former commanding officer. Jeremiah saved Galloway's life during a wartime battle with a group of Trsanti where Galloway killed a Trsanti who had the Gel'ziabar stone. Jeremiah recovered it from the battlefield and gave it to Patrick.

Bethany Covenant
The eldest female and eventual powerful earth witch. Bethany was the one who brought Keisinger to the manor to try to gain his knowledge of magic.

Aaron Covenant
The family artist, who's paintings grew increasingly dark and malevolent. Bethany claimed to know nothing about Aaron's eventual disappearance.

Ambrose Covenant
The black sheep of the family, rumored to have been involved somehow in the death of their father. A vicious and violent man who later became the leader of a band of Trsanti pirates, and lept off a tall cliff near the estate to escape police.

Lizbeth Covenant
The youngest Covenant, who's birth killed their mother. Lizbeth died from a 'wasting sickness', but the servants claim to still see her on the estate grounds.

The Undying King
You'll see...