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Undying Weapons

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you plan on playing Undying or have not finished yet, since we show things that you really should see for the first time in-game.

Magic and mundane, present and past... it's all there in some form, and it can all slaughter your enemies. As you progress through the game you'll find newer and more exotic means of destruction.

   Standing Stones' Undying Weapons Rack
Gel'ziabar Stone
Discharges a spell that pushes most creatures away from you. Has a few second recharge time. Glows when you should use the Scrye spell. Adds one level to each spell when held in hand.

Holds six shots, and can fire both regular and silver bullets. Has a few second reload time, and is pretty accurate over long distances.

Tibetan War Cannon
Fires short-range balls of ice that damages and also slows down enemies. Holding down the fire button before releasing it will do more damage with each shot.

Molotov Cocktail
Toss it and it explodes, leaving flames behind.

Double barrel shotgun which you can choose to fire both barrels at once, or one at a time. Can fire both regular and phosphorus (flaming) shells. Devastating at close range but reloads pretty slowly.

Scythe of the Celts
Melee weapon needed to kill most boss monsters. Will behead enemies if aimed at the neck. Secondary fire mode uses up mana but will give you the health of the enemies you kill with it.

Fires spears, and when used in conjunction with the Lightning spell can call down a bolt of lightning on enemies it hits. Has a zoom mode.

Phoenix Eggs
Small self-propelled hand grenades that when you throw, you're view switches to that of the egg and you 'fly' it towards your enemies. The egg explodes when you release the fire button, you strike a target, or it reaches it's maximum range.