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Undying and Community Files

This is the page you need to get all of your Undying file goodness. Whether it's officially released stuff or things created by the community, we aim to have it all here. If you know of something that should be on this page but isn't, then by all means tell us!

   Official Undying Game Demo
   Undying Patch
  • Texture Patch: 3.7 MB Hell *I* didn't see any problems, but it's small so snag it anyway.
   Undying Editing Utilities (PC ONLY)
   Undying Community Single-player maps

Anyone planning on playing the community undying maps listed below should *definitely* pick up the Undying Map Loader v1.0 (updated 12/14/03, 140KB) utility. *NOTE* This program was made using Visual Basic. In order to run, you will probably need to install the VB libraries onto your computer. The 1 MB file can be downloaded from FilePlanet here.

   Undying Wallpapers and Themes
   Undying Videos
   Undying Music
You have to go to the Bill Brown Undying Music page, since direct linking is not allowed. There are nine songs there, all streamable or downloadable in MP3 format. The song titles are Teaser Music, Main Theme, Scene 1, Scene 4, Scene 7, Scene 10, Scene 13, Monastery Destruction 1, and Immortal Soul.