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Undying Inventory Items

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you plan on playing Undying or have not finished yet, since we show things that you really should see for the first time in-game.

Below is a list of the items you will encounter at some point. They all have their uses, depending on your playstyle.

   Standing Stones' Info on Undying's Inventory Items
Toss it, and after a few seconds it explodes.

Ether Trap
Activates immediately, and dispels any ghosts caught in it's vortex. Works on ghost monks and Aaron in his human and revenant forms.

Silver Bullets
Alternate pistol ammunition that does heavy damage to magical creatures such as the Verago.

Phosphorus Shells
Flaming shells for the shotgun that are the best weapon against the Jile plants.

Use it on a spell to permanently boost that spell one level. All spells can be raised to level five with amplifiers (while holding the Gel'ziabar stone, all spells are boosted one level higher than they've been amplified.)

Mana Well
Increases your overall mana capacity. Used automatically upon pickup.

Arcane Whorl
Increases your spell effectiveness. Used automatically upon pickup.

Health Packs/Vials/Roots
Boosts your health 35 points, but over a few seconds.