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Undying Game Info

This is our write-up to describe the game to those who've never played it.

   Standing Stones' Game Description
To put it simply, Clive Barker's Undying is a first-person horror shooter. The game uses the Unreal Tournament engine along with a lot of new technology to create an immersive single-player experience full of people, environments, and enemies that will absolutely terrify you.

Gameplay is classic shooter style... fast enemies, powerful weapons, and obstructions that require exploration in order to progress. There isn't much in the way of jump puzzles, even though you'll have to watch your footing plenty of times. Puzzle elements are also fairly light, with the majority being solved by finding the correct lever, defeating the right monster, or talking to the appropriate NPC.

Eye candy is cranked to the max, for the most part due to an incredible particle effects engine and skeletal animation for the characters. Character detail is unbelievable, without a polygon to be seen. Environments are also gorgeous with very detailed texturing, great and moody lighting, and extreme attention to detail. In-engine cutscenes explain the detailed story and all it's twists and turns, helped along by a generous number of scripted conversations and events.

The monsters? Well, they'll scare you to death. It's hard to argue with almost thirty enemies and a whopping six bosses! For added gruesome effect, each and every creature has a unique cutscene that will play, showing what they do to you if your aim or your nerve fails...

You've got a great arsenal to deal with them, though. Everything from weapons to spells and even powerful and destructive inventory items. The 8 offensive weapons range from real-world items that take different types of ammo, to projectile and melee fantasy weapons that can affect you as much as they affect your opponents. Undying includes 9 spells which range from chattering skulls that streak towards your enemies and explode in balls of flame, to a mystic shield that will protect your front side from harm.

You'll find that despite all the great parts of Undying listed above, the single most impressive aspect of the game is the fear it instills. Not for the weak.