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Undying Editing Tutorials

Some of the top mappers of the community took the time to send in detailed instructions on how to implement some of the cooler features of the Undying engine. Take a look, and make some maps!

[O] Undying Editing Tutorials
Making and Using Objectives - click here
Tutorial on using the Objectives page of the Journal by TechnoJF

Curved Surfaces and Hallways - click here
Tutorial on making nifty curved surfaces and hallways by Hobbes.

Scripted and Cutscene Tutorials/Tips - click here
Tutorials/tips for cutscenes and scripted scenes by Holo.

Lens Flare Tutorial - click here
A quick lensflare tutorial brought to you by ArcAngel.

Journal Entry Tutorial For Unded2 - click here
Holo's tutorial for setting up journal entries using Unded2 and to trigger a journal pickup at the start of a level.

Cutscene Tutorial - click here
Holo's tutorial on making a basic cutscene.

Journal Entry Tutorial - click here
How to get journal entries to work, by osiris.

Scrye Tutorial - click here
How to put areas into your map that exhibit the scrye effect, by osiris.

Narrator Script Documentation - click here
AI Scripting docs by Michael Goodwin, the guy who wrote this particular game system for EALA.

Basic Triggered Monster Spawn tutorial - click here
Ahumado gives some basic instructions on how to put this particular enemy implementation into your maps.

General Unreal Editing Links - click here
Blu3funk's collection of extremely useful editing links for those getting used to the Unreal engine.