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Undying Fan Fiction

The team at Dreamworks Interactive (later known as EALA), along with horror author/director Clive Barker, didn't just develop a game with beautiful graphics made up of textures, models, and special fx. They also used words to paint some of the surreal and hideous images that make up an important part of what Undying is.

Below you'll find links to more images... some also surreal and hideous, while others are simply sad, but all done using language instead of pixels. This is Undying Fan Fiction, stories written by players drawing inspiration from one of the greatest horror games ever made.

[O] Stories
From Dethscythe
Click Here.One stately young lad, his heavenly sweet sister, their pugnacious brother and mischievous twins played amongst the circle of standing stones, beneath a lunar plate of silver. Playing a game of chase, they encircled the stone alter at the circles’ heart laughing and shouting to no one but themselves...

Click Here.Part 2. The story continues...

Click Here.Part 3. The story continues with Aaron.

Click Here.Part 4... Ambrose.

Click Here.Part 5... Bethany.

Edens Sorrow
Click Here Longtime forum resident dr_coma begins what now looks to be a promising journey with these first entries, the prologue and Chapter One, describing an event only hinted at in the original game. Read as Jeremiah draws on the oars that bring himself and his siblings to their doom at the isle of the Standing Stones, and witness the visions he experiences after reading from his father's spellbook.

Covenant Family Vignettes
Forum and fanfic regular dr_coma isn't content with just bringing us new chapters from Eden's Sorrow, he also has started providing glimpses into small moments from the Covenant's lives. These vignettes give the good doctor's thoughts on what it wise like to be rich, bright, and ultimately doomed.

Click Here for a night at the opera in London with Lizbeth, who came expecting La Traviata and ended up experiencing an aria as black as her future...

This story and it's much less refined setting shows us the time when Jeremiah took the Gel'ziabar Stone as his own.

The Monks of Trell-Sebek
Click Here The crew over at the mod-in-progress Undying Curse have provided the following entry in the mythos that surrounds Undying...
Feverishly working away at story and concept, Gehn has put together this short story, entitled The Monks of Trell-Sebek, a tale woven in the mysticism of the Scythe of the Celts...

Journal Entry of Malachai Covenant
This story Original fan fiction by A. R. Morgan. Author's Note: "Here's a little something that plays off the idea of the other Covenant ancestors & how the curse or their curiosity might have affected them."

The following is based on the game Clive Barker's Undying, ©. 2001 Electronic Arts Inc.

The Dream by Athena
The DreamIn the Journal of Jeremiah, there is an entry about a nightmare Jeremiah had where his siblings attacked him. This is my take on that nightmare.

A Covenant Christmas Carol- By Katran
A Covenant Christmas Carol

Untitled- By Raevynlocks and Athena

Silent Night- By Morgan
Silent NightA crash broke into the stillness of the manor. Had someone been around to investigate they might have wondered at the soft silence that followed but even the butler had been ordered the night off...

Speaking of the Stones: Kiss of Oblivion- By Gehn

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Kamen jolted upright in his cot. He panted for a moment gripping his chest in a fit of exasperation. It had been the third time he had experienced this dream..

Oneiros- By Asc
This story takes place midivalish, sometime after or during the crusades but well before the height of the renaissance. Trade is becoming more prevalent, along with the new middle class, and Europe is slowly coming out of the dark ages.