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Info About This Site

Want to know the skinny behind Standing Stones? Read on.

[O] Standing Stones' Site History and Information
Standing Stones was built by Bruce a.k.a. 'Gwog'. He had been running sites on the GameSpy Network since June of '98, starting off with Deus Ex Incarnate and including Stormtroopers, PlanetDeusEx, PlanetDaikatana, and PlanetAnachronox. After a while he was lucky enough to draft Hobbes and Holo into this deviant little web family, and they really became an important part of the site. After several years of tough times trying to update, the site was handed over to Cabela who battled serious forum problems and came out the winner, thereby saving the community single-handedly.

Gwog: "I built Standing Stones simply as a loveletter to an absolutely fantastic game. By the time I actually got and finished Undying, the community activity had pretty much died down, so I knew that there wasn't much chance that this would be an actively maintained community site. That's why it launched in an information-only style, with no news updates or feature content. But hanging around the forums made me realize that people were still alive and kicking out there in Undying community land, so I revived the site. So even though there will never be a sequel or anything, maybe with enough interest those of us who loved the game can keep the interest and activity level high. Undying is dead... long live Undying!"

Thanks for visiting the site, and we'd love to read your feedback: And a special thanks to Mridalmn for the cool red sigil graphic on the front page. Anyway, see you on the forums!