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TDS Needed
Interested in expanding your gaming experience and wanna host some great tournaments?? We're looking for a few fun, exciting and fair minded people to host tournaments on a weekly basis.

If you're interested, email Debs at or contact Hugh (9balldotcom) in the VP3 Lobby!!

Posted on 18 Oct 2008 by Ladyhwk
New Router Help
Polomint who is one of VPHQ Tournament Directors has developed a small programme in his efforts to get those of us who have Routers and cannot get Virtual Pool 3DL to run on Gamespy.

The major problem for a lot of people who no doubt have purchased Vp3 in the past and come to the Gamespy Lobby,is that they cannot get Virtual Pool 3 to run due to the fact that they have to manually open ports in their router in order to let the game run.

This has to be the most annoying thing about making a purchase of the VP3DL buy it,you install play offline no problem at all and then when you try to join the online community you find your stumped by the fact that you need a degree in routers in order to try and get the game working.

Now I can speak personally of the problems with routers as I have a BT Hub which only through help from the lobby I got the game working through my router.

Many people like myself who are total Router novices need a way of sorting this out.

Virtual Pool 3DL needs specific ports opened in your router in order to work through Gamespy and unless you understand the terminology involved and even though you can look at instructions online about your router,it is for most people a total confusing thing to try and mess with a router for fear of not being able to get online or causing major problems when your messing with something you know very little about.

I would not be suggesting this programme without having done a full test on it myself.

However.....there are some things you should be aware of prior or downloading this programme.

If like my router,you can create a backup of the configuration of your router....YOU SHOULD DO SO PRIOR TO TRYING THIS PROGRAMME.By doing so you will have saved the initial settings of your router as it was set when you first installed it...IE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE YOUR BACKUP TO RESET YOUR ROUTER.

So first thing I did was to reset my router to factory settings in order to try Polomints programme,so this I did but only after having already downloaded his programme to my desktop.

Then I followed the instructions on Polomints webpage and the programme opened up and did what it said it would confirmed "PORTS OPENED"

So then after that,there was only one thing to try.....try and create a VP3DL game room......I did and it worked and you can see your room listed in the lobby.

So the last thing to do after that try and join a room.....this I did and YES it worked also.

In conclusion,If this programme can do what it says it does for many more people for Virtual Pool 3DL players,then I can only recommend it to as a major source of help to many potential players online.

At the moment this remains a BETA version please use it at your own risk and neither Polomint,Celeris nor me are liable or responsible.....if it totally messes your router up.

It didnt do it to what do you think?




DISCLAIMER: This is a beta program. Please use at your own risk.
Posted on 22 Jun 2008 by Ladyhwk
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