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These are the basic cue commands as found listed in your VP3 readme file. 

 We've simply listed them here   for your convenience.

(Please keep in mind that some of these commands only work OFF line in practice mode.)


                           A: Aim
                           B: Raise Butt of Cue
                           C: Move Center Point
                           E: English: Move Cue Tip
                           F: Vary Tracking Force
                           G: Toggle Ghost Ball
                           H: Select Another Ball To Move
                           L: Toggle Table Lines
                           M: Move Ball
                           O: Overhead View
                           R: Replay Last Shot
                           S: Shoot
                           T: Toggle Tracking
                           U: Undo
                           V: Change View 
                          W: Walk Back From Table
                           X: Examine Table
                           Y: Your User View
                           Z: Zip To Result
                           >: Toggle Amplify
                           <: Toggle Fine Tune
                        +/=: Increase Replay Rate
                            -: Decrease Replay Rate
                           / : Type Chat Message

              L Mouse: Zoom
              Ctrl-A: Set Adversary View
              Ctrl-B: Spot Lowest Ball
              Ctrl-C: Call Shot
              Ctrl-D: Draw Game
              Ctrl-G: Return To Game
              Ctrl-K: Kibitz Shot
              Ctrl-L: Load Saved Game/Position
              Ctrl-M: Miscall Last Shot
              Ctrl-P: Push Out
              Ctrl-Q: Quit Current Match
              Ctrl-S: Save Game Or Position
              Ctrl-T: Change Player Turn
              Ctrl-V: Return To Video
              Ctrl-W: Set User View
              Ctrl-[: Called Safety

                  INS: Spot/Pocket Ball Menu
              ESC: Enter Menu System



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