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This page is dedicated to any players who have links they'd like to put on the VPHQ site.  Have a personal    website with a section devoted to VP3.  Throw us a link.  We'll be happy to put it up!   Each banner is a link      back to the players site, so just click on the banner to check out their sites.







Steve Jennings  and  his  wife  Sharon  operate a   billiard  Pro-Shop and  cue repair

business in Charlotte, NC as well as a BCA recognized teaching academy. They are also

the tour directors for the Fury Carolina's Amateur 9-Ball Tour. Both are active league players

in the APA and BCA. Steve is a graduate of the Cue-Tech Billiard Training School where he

studied under Master Instructors Randy Goettlicher and Leslie Rogers.  They've also been

kind enough to grant us permission to use some of their graphics on our new cue pages which

will be opening soon.





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