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The Pool Purity Test 

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
The "submit" button is at the bottom.

  1. Have you ever blasted a ball off table out of anger?
  2. Can you make a called shot in honolulu off of the break?
  3. Have you ever jumped a ball in 8 pub?
  4. Have you ever fouled on purpose to gain strategic advantage?
  5. Have you ever slopped a ball in a call shot game and not miscalled?
  6. Have you lied about table settings to an opponent?
  7. Have you ever disconnnected from a match on purpose?
  8. Have you ever told someone the wrong rules to a game?
  9. Do you not warn opponents about the kitchen rule?
  10. Do you not mention if your opponent fails to notice they are shooting at the wrong ball?
  11. Have you slopped a bank?
  12. Is virtual pool the only game you play on your computer?
  13. Do you play for more than 5 hours a day?
  14. Do you not pass back on a mouse fart?
  15. Do you play in more than 3 tournaments a week?
  16. Do you know the page number in the manual for the rules to cowboy?
  17. Have you ever placed the cueball up to another ball to make a combo?
  18. Do you set up matches with a shot clock for your advantage?
  19. Do you bottom feed on the VIP ladder?
  20. Do you refuse to play certain pool games?
  21. Do you have multiple gamespy accounts?
  22. Do you have multiple VIP ladder accounts?
  23. Do you brag a lot about your virtual pool skills?
  24. Do you not say good luck to your opponent?
  25. Do you not say anything to your opponent?
  26. Will you only play with certain people?
  27. Do you not mention if your opponent does not know they have ball in hand?
  28. Have you hit the 9 real hard to try to slop it?
  29. Do you use books to help your virtual pool game?
  30. Have you hustled anyone at virtual pool?
  31. Do you make videos of yourself playing virtual pool or have you been the subject of one?
  32. Have you ever exploited the "special" break to make the 9?
  33. Do you use the straight pool break where the 1 goes into the side?
  34. Have you ever lost a game on purpose?
  35. Have you ever slopped a ball on purpose out of anger?
  36. Have you ever tried to 3 foul an opponent when the table is easy to run?
  37. Do you storm out of GameSpy after losing a match?
  38. Do you ever not report for tournaments?
  39. Do your rotation games turn out to be "3 foul the opponent" games?
  40. Have you ever passed your turn when you're not allowed to?
  41. Have you ever faked getting disconnected?
  42. Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone over virtual pool?
  43. Do you only know the rules for 9 ball?
  44. Have you ever broken any object over a game of virtual pool?
  45. Have you ever signed up for a tournament and not shown up?
  46. Have you ever played a game without knowing the rules first?
  47. Have you ever jumped a ball in snooker?
  48. Have you ever purposefully not reported a VIP match?
  49. Have you used a tracker?
  50. Do you whine when you lose?


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