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Please note that these rules apply to each and every tournament hosted by VPHQ.


In our efforts to provide a smooth and well run tournament system, we have chosen to post the "BASIC" rules here that each and every tournament hosted by VPHQ will follow. These rules are set with the fairness of all players taken into consideration. As you play in your tournaments, you will find that each Tournament Director will select his own specific game rules while the ones listed below will remain firm for all tournaments. Should you have any questions or suggestions on the following, please contact:

*NOTE* Please keep in mind that in this time of changes, when the final Curly patch is available, the Tournament Director will announce which version of VP3 will be used for this specific tournament as once the new patch is applied, the versions will no longer be compatible.


1. Tournament settings are given by your Tournament Director prior to the tourney commencing, you will also find the settings listed on the sign up page for each tournament.

2. You must be visible in the lobby 5 minutes prior to the Fixtures being drawn, if you are not the Tournament Director has the choice to remove you from the signups and thus reducing the likelihood of forfeits.

3. When you are setting up the room for your match, please always list BOTH players names in the room name in case we need to locate one of you. You must also use the same profile name you used to join the Tournament system.  This too means there will be less confusion trying to identify you. 

4. Person with the LOWEST GSA rank always breaks first rack except in Cowboy, Snooker, Cribbage and Straight. In these 4 games, the person with the LOWEST GSA rank has the choice as to who breaks.

5. A link to the fixtures of each  tournament  will be posted for you, by your Tournament Director, in the chat lobby.  So please make sure that you watch the chat closely when its time to start.  Please consult with your opponent as to who will set the game as this also saves confusion and unnecessary delays.

6. As soon as fixtures are drawn, matches must get underway immediately, if you and your opponent are having problems setting a room, please let the TD know ASAP!!   They will do what they can to help solve the situation, and if necessary, will have someone else set the room for you.

7. Please be patient between your matches and remember watching another match is ok as long as you are quiet and do not disturb the other players.  We do ask that you have permission to watch another players match prior to do so out of common courtesy.

8. If you are booted during your match, there is a ten (10) minute boot rule which provides that if you do not return within 10 minutes, you will forfeit your match. Also being booted 3 times in the same match results in automatic disqualification in order to try to keep the tournament moving smoothly. Please save your game if your opponent gets booted. The ten (10) minute rule does not mean you can have a 10-minute break between matches!  This rule applies ONLY to legitimate boots from the game. You must be available to play at all times during a tournament and readily available.  Should a TD be unable to locate you because he/she has no clue what room you are in, they have the right to disqualify you. The ten (10) minute boot rule does NOT apply if youíre watching another match.  Always advise the TD if youíre going into another room to watch a match.   

9. Please report to the TD, the result of your match clearly and wait till you have your result confirmed and acknowledged prior to leaving the lobby.

10. Playing VIP Ladder or any other competitive matches is not allowed during VPHQ Tournaments.

11.  Always inform the TD of your whereabouts!. For example, if you are in a warm-up room or if you are going to play a match in the same room as a prior match, again this helps the smooth running.  If you have to leave the lobby for a few moments, again, please advise the Tournament Director.

12. IMPORTANT!!  If you have to forfeit during a tournament for any reason, you must inform the TD immediately. The match that your currently playing will be voided if its mid-match and your opponent will be advanced. If you forfeit after you have just beaten an opponent,  this opponent will be not be advanced in your place having lost his required match, therefore the next opponent in line will be advanced to next round.

13.  And most importantly, every player is asked to treat each other with the utmost respect and common courtesy required in good sportsmanship.   While we realize that some people do get upset should they lose their match,  we do not tolerate bad sportsmanship.  Should you become verbally abusive, our Tournament Directors have the right to disqualify you from the tournament and even ban you from future tournaments should it be deemed appropriate.   Also keep in mind that even if you are NOT in that specific tournament but act up inappropriately, you can still be banned from future events.  So please, help us make each and every tournament fun for everyone.

 If you have a problem with an opponent during  your game play, please take a screenshot and quietly inform your Td.  They will deal with it on your behalf, and make the appropriate decisions. (To take a screenshot press the PrintScrn button (located immediately to the right of the F12 key), then open up paint and go to edit then paste your screenshot. You can then save it as a jpeg and send the file to your Td.)   Every TD will be happy to give you their email address on request.

 14. Should you have a problem with your Tournament Director or disagree with a call made by them, you are welcome to report the event to:   Please include the Tournament Directors name, the date, the time, the time ZONE and the type of tournament along with details explaining your problem.    The situation will be investigated by the appropriate staff and you will be contacted regarding our findings.

15.  We hope that you have a great time in your tournaments of choice and we look forward to hosting more for your playing pleasure.  And should you have any requests for a specific game to be played or suggestion to make your tournament experience more fun, please donít hesitate to advise your Tournament Director as they do pass the information along to all the others.  


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