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Tournament Director Application


In order to complete this application, please copy and paste it into an email and complete the questions in the email. Once complete, please forward to:

The information that you give here is considered to be "STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL" and therefore it will NOT be given to anyone outside of VPHQ staff  for any reason.

1. Your full name:
2. Your primary email address: (No yahoo or hotmail please)
3. Age:
4. Country and time zone:
5. Do you have a messenger you use such as MSN, AIM or Yahoo?  If so, what is your name/number for this?
6.How long have you played in Gamespy? And please list ALL the screen names you have played under.
7. Have you ever hosted Pool tournaments before? If so… when and where? (please give details)
8.What are the 3 main reasons you would like to be an VPHQ Tournament Director?
9. Why do you feel that you would be a good tournament host?
10. What do you think you will get in return from hosting tournaments?
11.How would your closest friends describe your personality?
12.What do YOU feel is your strongest personality trait?
13.Name 3 persons in Gamespy Virtual Pool that would recommend you for this position.
14. What days and times will you be available to host tournaments?
15. What suggestions can you offer right now that would make tournament play more fun for the players?
16. As a "VIP", we are required to conduct ourselves in an fair, honest and impartial manner towards all players, do you feel that you can achieve this?
17.As we also represent Gamespy as VIPs, do you have a problem helping anyone who has a problem with the game?
18. What is "common sense"?
19. If you are hosting and two players come out of a match each claiming the win, how would you handle this? (please explain in detail)
20. If you are in the middle of a tournament and players start telling you that VPHQ sucks, your tournaments suck and you suck, how would you handle this?
21. What time zone would you primarily host tournaments for?
22. Do you have any comments or suggestions that you would like to make at this time?

All new Tournament Directors will be expected to prove themselves as fair, dependable hosts for several weeks before VIP status will be requested. 

Thank you for applying for a position as Tournament Director with VPHQ.

VPHQ Admin.