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1. How do I sign up for a tournament?

First, you must be a member of VPHQ to compete in our tournaments. To do this, click on Tournament in the left column and
register now. Once you do this,click on schedule to find a list of scheduled tournaments which you may wish to sign up for. Place a x in the box of the tournament(s) you wish to join and at the far right of the tournament  simply click on "SIGN UP". 

2. How do I report a loss?

With the new tournament system in place, just advise the Tournament Director hosting your tournament and he/she will report the necessary loss for you.


3. How can I create a tournament/why can I not create a tourny?

You need to be a "qualified" administrator to create a tournament. If you are interested in becoming a "tournament director", please click on the
T.D. application and submit your application.

4. How often will there be tournaments?

Having a staff of between 4 and 7 tournament directors doing weekly tournys, we'll be offering a large selection of games. Click on tournaments to see a schedule of all tournaments being offered for the current week. Our tds do alot of impromptu (spur of the moment) tournaments too. So you can pretty well plan on at least one a day and many times more.

5. I have a problem/error, what do I do?

If your problem or error occurs while in a tournament, immediately notify your tournament director and let them handle it. If its not during a tournament You can either post it at the forums, or contact:

6. My opponent will not report/has left without reporting?

Again, immediately notify your tournament director who will advance you.

7. What and where are the fixtures?

The fixtures are matchings of players for each round. Your t.d. will post the fixture url during the tournament so that everyone has it. 

8. How do I know what time the tournament is for me?

This very useful chart will help you, located
here. If the images do not appear, right click them and select "show picture", and they will display.

9. What if I sign up but then can't make it?

If you know in advance that you will be unable to play, simply withdraw by going to tournaments, clicking on "view list of players" and withdrawing using the option just to the right of your name. If you simply don't make it and are still signed up, the td will either remove you when the tournament starts or simply advance the person you were scheduled to play. Always try to withdraw if you are unable to make it in so that your opponent doesn't have to sit and wait til the next round.

10.What happens if my opponent and I cannot connect?

Set the room up per tournament instructions and if your opponent is unable to make the connection, please let him try setting the room and you joining. If this does not work, and you reboot with no success, simply advise the td that you need someone to host a room for you. Generally when this occurs and a room is hosted for you, it is successful.



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