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Learn the virtual language!


So you're a newbie and playing online... only to find that you have no idea what's going on. All sorts of acronyms popping up and not a single word that makes any sense? Below is our beginners guide to following along, within a game.

If it starts with a "G", chances are it can start with an "N" as well. G = Good/Great; N = Nice.

How do I talk?

One of the most-asked questions we see. Press the "/" key to chat in game.

GG - Good game
GS - Good/great shot
GB - Good break
GP - Good play
GM - Good match
GT - Good try
UL - Unlucky
VUL - Very unlucky
DGT - Damn good try
GH - Good hit

Of course, there are many other words from the english (and not so english) dictionaries at your disposal. This should give you a head start on communication in VP3.





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