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   Meet Your VPHQ Staff



Debs is from Kansas City and does NOT have a dog named Toto :) She has spent her time raising her son, cooking for husband, Nmshooter (who she met in VP3) and playing pool.  Hobbies include quilting, reading and learning about PSP9 (new favorite toy).   Anytime there's a  problem, she's the one to shout for.


Simon is an assistant Administrator of  VPHQ and the writer/developer of our tournament system. We only do what we do thanks to Simon. A great web designer, and a good friend,  Simon  has been playing VP for years and can prove it in the way he shoots!  


I'm a red blooded, extremely potent hairy arsed Scotsman and proud of it. (nothing worn under kilt....all in perfect working order). I been playing vpool games since the original came out, and been in Gamespy for over 3 years now. I deal with the public every day so don't tell me the customer is always should see the kind of people I deal with most are unaccompanied too). Im a keen Glasgow Celtic supporter (that's soccer to the Americans amongst us). I'm in Gamespy every night and on my days off, cos I got to get my fix of vp3( its a strange affliction I know and I don't know the cure). I can best be described as a loudmouth, Chinese eating slob whose cholesterol level will be at an all time high by the rime I finish what I'm eating right now....but what the hell.....ill die laughing tho...I like a lot of sports (watching that is),snooker,9ball,golf to mention a few. So to sum up...what you see is what you get...nuff said



"They call me Suzy Homemaker because I am  housewife.  I love cooking and cleaning for my husband and taking care of my dog."  And because she won't add anything else on her own, let us add that she's a great player and one of our sexiest TDS!



I'm 30 years old, I live at home in sunny British Columbia, Canada.



Hi everyone, Iím Gareth, Iím in my early twenties and live in the UK. Iím a student currently and have a passion  for music, favorites including indie, rock, alternative and folk. Other hobbies include sport, going to the gym and computing. I love the Virtual Pool series and am too competitive for my  own good.  In the words of Cockney Rebel: ďcome up and see me, make me smileĒ.  I also run the VPHQ leagues so if you feel like joining, just give me a yell.



Ron (32) is from South/east London. One of the first tds we ever had, he is  an avid Vp3 player along with his 11 year old daughter, Little_Tyke (Lauren). He always to be found in lobby or at the table. Always willing to provide assistance where required. Currently organizing Special tourneys only but soon to be back to hosting more regular tourneys.



I'm Jamie. I'm 27 years old and from Pudsey in Leeds... I like pool and shooting people oh and darts and cards.  :)



Hi,I'm Shaz. I have 4 children, 5 if you include Rich. We have 2 dogs,  I don't really have any outside interest's apart from ocean liner's, both past & present, which might have something to do with living in Southampton, UK. I like to spend my time on the p.c. enjoying VP3 and the community, talking to different people all over the world.  I'm around all day until late evening if anyone wants a tournament or if anyone needs help (if I can help that is, lol)


I'm Brian. I'm from the UK (wigan) and  I've enjoyed playing VP3 now for over3 yrs. My hobbies are (watching)  rugby , football and playing VP3 of course.You'll find me in the lobby most nights so if you need any help, just feel free toask and I'll try to help.







**Bios to come 





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