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The DSC Frequently Asked Questions Page

Why was the Darkspace Connection created?
  Are you guys hiring new staff?
  What are DSC's plans for the future?


  What is Darkspace?
Do I have to pay a monthly fee to play?
  Why should I pay this fee?
  Help! I'm an AOL User and I can't view the Darkspace website!
  I ran a prestige-gain server and I got banned! Why?
  What is Prestige and how can I get more of it?
  I just downloaded Darkspace, do you guys have any newbie guides?




Why was the Darkspace Connection Created?

The Darkspace Connection was orginially an idea to pass time when I was bored. After its release onto to the Gamespy Network, it became more than that, it became a hub for the community to check out and get up to date Darkspace news and information. I created this website alone out of my great liking of this game called Darkspace. I liked it so much I was able to manage it alone for it's first seven months of existance, gawd knows I tried to get staff, but I was alone for a while :). And now, the site even has a staff. Together the DSC Staff are here to keep this the best damn Darkspace website on the internet.


Are you guys hiring staff?

You can find out if we're hiring by checking out our Now Hiring section of the website!


What are the Darkspace Connection's Plans for the Future??

As of now, we are always planning the future of the website, but why would we tell the public when we can always suprise our visitors! Perhaps you'll see more information on this in Summer 2004.



What is Darkspace?

Darkspace is an Massively Multiplayer Online game for the PC, set in the future in the time of space travel and space warfare. Take control of one of many ships: Pilot a warship and make your enemies one with the void, Pilot a transport and capture your team planets, enemy or neutral, Pilot an engineer and build your empty little planet into a space fortress. Its your choice, what will you choose?

Darkspace's ships and planets are divided into three factions: The Imperialist United Galactic Trade Organization (UGTO), the more rebelistic Intergalactic Culture Confederation (ICC), or the mysterious alien faction, the K'luth. Each faction has its highs and lows, there is no BEST faction.


Do I Have to Pay a Monthly Fee to Play?

Yes and No...

  Darkspace is a Pay To Play game for 9.99 a month, but it does offer unlimited time demo access, what does this mean? Demo Users (Unsubbed) can play the game, but online on servers that have a red diamond to the left of them. Green diamond servers are for subscribers ONLY. Typical Red Diamond Server - - Typical Green Diamond Server: and the MetaVerse.


Why Should I Pay This Fee?

We have a site section dedicated to this question, check out our Why Should I Subscribe section!


Help! I'm an AOL User and I Cannot Access the Website!

This can be easily explained by this quote from Lead Programmer, Faustus...

"If you are an AOL user, you may have problems using this website if you enable the proxy settings for your browser.

The reason is, AOL uses multiple proxy servers and your requests to this website may come from many different IP addresses. Our security setup checks requesting IP address against your login information, and if the IP's do not match then you basically are not logged into this website.

Consult your documentation to disable the proxy settings of your browser...If you can't, I'd suggest you drop AOL or write a nasty email to them, because we won't be retarding our security system."


I ran a prestige-gain server and I got banned! Why?

In order to prevent prestige farming by creating scenarios that can easily be farmed (easy prestige) off of the Darkspace staff will immediately remove any player created server that has prestige gain activated without permission and temporaily ban the player who hosted it.


What is Prestige and How do I get More of It?

Prestige is basically the score on Darkspace that you get for doing things that are helpful for your team, like killing the enemy. You gain prestige through your stats, while a demo user, you gain stats, but not prestige, but when you DO subscribe those stats are calculated and you get your prestige.

To gain more prestige you have todo things such as: Harming Enemies, Capturing Enemy Planets, Building Planets, Repairing Teammates, Bombing Enemy Planets, Jumping, and Scouting. Also you can get bonus points, which you get through missions, and endgame bonus points.

I just downloaded Darkspace, do you guys have any newbie guides?

Of course, check out our Darkspace Academy section for newbie guides!





    v1.481 Introduction
    What is Darkspace?
    Why Should I Subscribe?
    Purchase/Subscription Info
    System Requirements
    About the DS Factions
    Darkspace Badges
    The Player Ranks
    Complete Ship List
    MetaVerse Planets Listing
    Ship Capturing

    DS Academy Home
    Getting Started
   Getting Started Part 2 (Ingame)
   Getting Started 3 -  Navigation
    How Shipyards Work
    Barren Planet Build Guide
    Planet Types Guide
    Shipyard Manners Guide
    Starports & Basic Modding
    1.481 Building Guide (Part 1)
    1.481 Building Guide (Part 2)

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