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Darkspace Academy: 1.481 Building Guide - Part 2 - Advanced Construction

1.481 Building Guide - Part 2 - Advanced and Shipyard Constructionn
A Darkspace Connection Guide for v1.481 and Beyond
Guide made by: Baikon & Baron Von Virtu
This guide is property of its author, except where Palestar may apply,
And may not be reproduced without the author's permission

Advancing Your Planet

Last part we left off with a simply defended planet. Simple meaning only level 1 technology on the planet. Upon getting at least 4 Defence Bases to defend your buildings, you won't need to worry about enemies too much.
Though bombs will still get through, the defence bases act as a deterrent, however small, to bombers. Most bomber piolets are looking for an easy target, so use this against them. They may actually try to approach the planet to see if they are really a bunch of defense bases, or a bunch of depot/sensor bases. Anyway, if you want real defensive power for your planet, you will want to upgrade to defense a fighter base type III. To do this, you need about 90 technology. This will take quite some time to build up. As it increases, you will want to advance your other buildings as they become available. You may want to upgrade to a quantum generator, as it providesmore power then a Fusion Generator. Upgradeing reserch labs to Subspace Networks will increaseyour tech level and gather rate. Eventually you will want to replace those with Cortex Nexus and Variance Generators, as they provide the best output for those two areas. As well, upgrade to defence base type II as quickly as possible, they provide moderate defence for an ok price. At the end, upgradeing to defence base type III will provide the best defence for your planet. Feel free to add Fighter Base IIIs as well, they will launch 3 fighters each. Defence Bases will shoot 3 Point Defence lasers, 2 IT missiles, and currently, a
Particle/Railgun/PSI cannon. It is best to place defence bases all around the planet, as they will also shoot down enemy infantry assult pods. Finally, add as many extras as you think the planet needs. EX more

*Note: As the building gets more advanced, so does the resource and population requirements get high. Whatch your power and population closely, some buildings require absurdly hight amounts of power and workers.


When building shipyards, keep one thing in mind: THEY ARE REALLY REALLY
REALLY EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not in mineral sense, but in population and power. A shipyard requires 30 workers and 60 power. This is around half of a Terran planet's maximum worker limit without any buildings on it. So, obviously, the best planet to build on would be a Terran. I VERY HIGHLY reccommend you build the Shipyard on a Terran planet, as its the only type that can even slightly defend itself while providing enough tech and power to proficently run the shipyard. Be warned, if you build a shipyard, you will find there won't be much room on the planet for anything else. However, it is neccessairy to have at least one per team to get anything bigger then a frigate, so choose your location wisely.

Shipyards VS Planet type

Terran: Build shipyards here. Always try to secure one immediately, as they also usually have all the resources or most of the resources neccessairy to build ships. They also can hold a very large population, which makes your life a lot easier.
Desert/Ocean/Ice: These planets are alright for shipyard building. However, they can only support half the population naturally that a Terran can. Be prepared to cut back on defenses if you build on one of these planets.

Barren: Possibly the worst planet to even think of building on normally, I highly recommend you reconsider your shipyard location. This planet type will barely be able to support ANY defence, let alone be able to produce ships larger then cruisers at best.

-End of part 2-

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