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Uh...yeah, so, what the heck is Darkspace?
Darkspace is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game based on, of course, space combat and strategy.

Take control of one of many ships: Pilot a warship and make your enemies one with the void, Pilot a transport and capture your team planets, enemy or neutral, Pilot an engineer and build your empty little planet into a space fortress. Its your choice, what will you choose?

Darkspace is a FREE download but without a subscription, you are limited to the basic ships avaiable to a Midshipman rank and limited to red diamond (Non-Subscription) servers, such as the server

With the ability to gain rank and prestige, you will be able to gain access to better ships, you start out at Midshipman, the bottom of the barrel, to Fleet Admiral, the elite. Fly warships from small frigates at lower ranks, to Dreadnoughts and massive support stations. Kill or be killed pilot.

Darkspace's ships and planets are divided into three factions: The Imperialist United Galactic Trade Organization (UGTO), the more rebelistic Intergalactic (ICC), or the mysterious alien faction, the K'luth. Each faction has its highs and lows, there is no BEST faction.

You have two choices of play currently in Darkspace, enter one of their Scenario servers (Newbie, Captain, Fleet Admiral servers) that have missions that two or three factions battle for a time limit of two or three hours to capture and control special flagged planets. Or go on Darkspace's Metaverse world, a universe in which all three factions fight for domiance in many systems and endless planets, there is no time limit in the Metaverse, it is a constant running world where you are able to also keep warships in your garage and not lose them when you log off for the day.


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