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UGTO - United Galactic Trade Organization

Established in 2024 after the colonization of mars, The UGTO is the conglomeration of the Old World United Nations and various other socio-political organizations of Earth. The "goal" of the UGTO is to unite humanity under one allegiance of progress and prosperity, although some elements do not see their intentions as being pure and noble. The UGTO spreads across seven systems, has colonies on 12 planetary bodies, and supports a massive collection of outposts and orbiting space stations. It also exerts its power over a number of "independent" planets.

With the advent of interstellar travel humans first sought out their nearest neighbor, the Centauri system, it was here that the harsh nature of the galaxy revealed itself for the first time. Within the Centauri system there was only one planetary body that was not too hostile for humans to visit, Centauri 1-2365. This barren moon was the only planet within the system that was not super-dense and therefore possessing a surface gravity just too high for humans (or human manufactured devices) to endure. Centauri 1-2365 was found to posses trace amounts of metals (about the same quantity as Earth) and so resource extraction development was undertaken. From the Centauri system it was a relatively short hop to the Barnard system where the nature of the galaxy was further confirmed. It turned out that the vast majority of planetary bodies were too hostile for development of any kind, although the Barnard system did have three planetoids that could be developed for resource extraction, one of these even had unheard of amounts of heavy metals present.

It was not until the Wolf system was explored that a planet capable of supporting human life was found. Unfortunately for the first colonists, the contaminants in the atmosphere weren't discovered until later. Now Ocotat boasts the largest population of any non-Sol system planet ever colonized, thanks to strictly enforced medical policies.

ICC - Interstellar Cultural Confederation
The ICC was established first as the Free Trade League (est. 2094), and then after a series of violent uprisings and political coups against the UGTO, The Free Trade League splintered from the United Worlds to form the ICC. in 2125. The ICC is currently the strongest opposition against the United Worlds, and is the primary force that hinders the UGTO from gaining majority control of the known universe and the worlds that lie within it. The confederation's resources, technology, and infrastructure are a fraction of that of the United Worlds, but strong patriotic ideals, resourcefulness and clandestine networks keep the ICC intact, for now.

On August 3, 0645 MST, a UGTO Expeditionary Fleet encountered a force of unknown origin while charting a new quadrant in the outer reaches of the Sirius B system and contact was lost shortly thereafter. Concerned families and opposing organizations demanded immediate answers, which the UGTO Department of Defense responded by stating that a space anomaly, most likely, a black hole was responsible. Since the "Sirius incident", unidentified spacecraft have been recorded and documented around human worlds and outposts.

The UGTO position on the existence of the K'Luth or any other extra terrestrial presence for that matter, is officially denied on all fronts. On the other hand, certain parties of the ICC claim to have made "contact" with this mysterious race of aliens. It is rumored that the ICC has acquired technology from the K'Luth, which has put some members of the UGTO council in a state of concern, but the majority of the council believe its just a propaganda ploy inseminated by confederate forces to send the United Worlds into panic. Realizing that the utilization of "new alien technology" could tip the balance of power within the astropolitical power structure, the UGTO. is conducting a full investigation on the matter.

The K'Luth are rumored to be from somewhere beyond the Sirius system.




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