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Darkspace Connection: Now Hiring!

Here at the Darkspace Connection we are always looking to expand our site to better serve this gaming community. Todo this we are always looking forward to hiring new staff to help run and maintain The Darkspace Connection. And to maintain reliability, we do not hire those under thirteen years of age, those who dont have previous experience (exceptions might be made in some positions), those who have been in trouble a number of times on Darkspace, and those I and the other staff on Darkspace deemed not reliable or worth hiring.

We are currently looking for the following:

Newsies: The Darkspace Connection needs you! Keep DSC news up to date, report the latest as soon as you see it! All that is required is a decent mastery of basic grammar and spelling and the trust of the administrators

(Last Updated 2/12/04).

Are you interested in any of the following avaiable positions? Contact TheVirtu at with the subject name (Staff Hiring: *insert name of position here*) With your Darkspace nickname, description of any past experiences with this position, links to websites you may have worked at before are also suggested.


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    Planet Types Guide
    Shipyard Manners Guide
    Starports & Basic Modding
    1.481 Building Guide (Part 1)
    1.481 Building Guide (Part 2)

  Fleet Dueling Tournament
  Signups Closed
  Meeting (7/22/04 - 7pm EST)


        (07/20/04 - 10pm EST)
        (07/27/04 - 10pm EST)
        (08/03/04 - 10pm EST)



*Green Events = Public
*Teal Events = Private

     *Official Darkspace Website

         *Run by [Admin]Trag
*Winamp Required for DS Radio.


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