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Darkspace Academy: Shipyard Manners - By: Baron Von Virtu

Shipyard Manners
A Darkspace Connection Guide for v1.481 and Beyond
Guide made by: Baron Von Virtu
This guide is property of its author, except where Palestar may apply,
And may not be reproduced without the author's permission.

There are FAR too many people out there that just pick a shipyard planet with low resources and picks the biggest ship possible that wastes the most resources and then just loses it in about two minutes flat. This is why I've wrote this guide on Shipyard Manners, cause y'in whippersnappers don't got no manners! I think this is something ALL players need to read.

The basics to manners with your faction's shipyard.

  • Only use ships that can help in the current situation of where you're going to be fighting (ex. Taking a close range warship when you're fighting long range)
  • If you don't have experience with that ship, or that ship class for that matter and your team currently has limited resources, for the love of humanity dont take it, you'll probably be destroyed.
  • Let those who are currently waiting on a ship from a shipyard that is reasonable take theirs first, they've been waiting for that ship more than you have.
  • Dont play rambo warrior in combat situations, when resources are limited, you dont want to be using more resources to replace the ship you just lost.
  • IMPORTANT: If you want to spawn basic level ships such as the extractor, a scout, or a frigate, DON'T WASTE THE SHIPYARDS, your faction's home gate can spawn those basic ships for FREE.
  • If there's someone that is waiting to spawn a ship that can help out your team much more than you can, let them take the ship first, then you can take yours, there's nothing worse than seeing a newbie spawn a Combat Dreadnought when a veteran was about to spawn an Assault Dreadnought.

If you have any other suggestions for this shipyard manners list, please send it to

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