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Darkspace Academy: 1.481 Building Guide - Part 1 - Basic Construction

1.481 Building Guide - Part 1 - Basic Constructionn
A Darkspace Connection Guide for v1.481 and Beyond
Guide made by: Baikon & Baron Von Virtu
This guide is property of its author, except where Palestar may apply,
And may not be reproduced without the author's permission.

We have a new patch and lots of fun new stuff? Yay!...oh wait...we have to learn how to build again? Nooooo! But, there is no need to worry, we here at the Darkspace Connection are here to teach you how to build in this new 1.481 patch!

The addition of new buildings to 1.481 and the new Shipyard system used now, building a planet isn't quite the same as it was, resources for some of these buildings are dramatically increased, making it harder to get a planet. Also, the addition of the new technology system makesit interesting.

Note: So, you ask, what is this Technology System? Previously, before v1.481 released, planet building revolved around the researchsystem, basically a tech tree, each technology taking so long to research, allowing you to research the next higher, and so on. This research system is no longer here. It has been replaced with the new technology system. The technology system is based on the amount of tech stats your planet can get. For example Level 1 Research Bases add +10 Technology, Level 2 add 15 per, and Level 3 adds 20 per. But this is only the maximum technology your planet can gain, it slowly builds up itself. Lose the research bases, lose the tech level. Shipyardplanets typically need the most technology (Support Stations require 100 tech, the highest tech needed for ANYTHING). All buildings/modding components require a certain technology level. As well, the more advanced
the reserch lab, the faster the tech seems to grow.

So lets get to it. You'll need the following: An engineering ship (or Station w/ build equipped), a planet to build, and some patience.

After you've captured the planet and are ready to start building, orbit the planet and you can either build from your F3 view (Recommended, but doesnt allow you to see everything around your ship) or from regular view of the planet. Click on one of the empty diamonds on the planet, pick a spot at a higher or lower spot of the planet and find the Colony Hub button on the right side of your screen, click on the button to build it. Always do this to every planet you build.

Note: Colony Hubs no longer require resources to construct. They give +10 Food/Habitat/Mining/Research.

Getting Started:

Note: You will only have access to the basic buildings. Though all buildings will be in the list, at first you will only have access to
Hydroponic Farms, Domes, Fusion Generators, Factories, and Mines.

Reguardless of the planet type, you will want to get a basic economy going. The hub will add little, so you will want to add other types of economic buildings. At first, you will have exactly 0 tech. This will rise very slowly, so you don't need to worry about this for a while. Assumeing the planet already has a population, you will want to start building mines. Don't build too many, you may need to scrap them later on and the mineral output has been greatly increased now. At most you will need 5 mines. (+60 mining total) You will want to build at least 1 Fusion Generator (+30 power) Now you have 7 total people being used. Added to this, you will want to build 2 Barracks, for infantry production. Thus 9 population is needed to run the planet. (If needed, you can disband troops for +1 population, each) You can't really do anything with the barracks at this stage, so just leave them be. Disband whatever pops out as needed, but keep at least 2 infantry on the planet at all times. (With even 4 mines, you won't need to worry about metal shortages for quite some time. However, Reserch labs cost 700 each, so the more mines, the better) As well, you will want to build a starport. These help prevent revolutions if they are able to trade with other planets. All that is needed is 2 planets, each with a starport. As well, you get the added advantage of gaining any resources that maynot be native on your planet. (ex. Hypermatter automaticly is transfered so long as the parrent planet has a
starport and the receiveing planet has one)

Now, here it depends on the planet type:


Barren planets have no population without the support of domes at all.
Once a hub has been placed, population will start growing. If the planet
is a barren, by the time you reach the end of the what has been written
above, you will have 9 population used up. Each Hydroponics farm uses 1
person. Thus, you will always want to leave 1 out of 10 (total) people
unused. So you need more people. You might as well make enough space for
30 people. So, all you need to build is 2 domes and 2 Hydro farms. Domes
don't use any population, so you don't need to worry about these. They do
require 1 power however.
Any other planet, and you should be able to gain at least +30 people without
hydroponic farms or domes.

*Note: If a dome is destroyed, the population will be reduced by -10 people
at the end of 1 minute. The game runs by an update cycle of roughly once
every minute. At the end of every minute, populations are
increased/decreased, along with tech levels. For mining, its once every 30
seconds. Infantry production is updated once every 10 seconds.
Determining the loss you will sustain if the building is destroyed is easy.
EX: If you have 60 population, but only 40 habitat, exacty 20 people will
die off. If theres a food shortage, the population slowly goes down by 1
per minute. Same for the Technology level, only food dosn't affect it.

Now you should have a mineral income, as well as some invasion defence. (The
infantry produced at the barracks). So, now you want to start building
Reserch Labs. You will need to build 5 total (+60 tech). Make sure you
have enough population and power to keep them running. If you don't they
will remain idle until they have sufficent power and population to be

Defending Your Planet:

By now your planet's technology level should have risen to at least 10. If
it hasn't be patient, it will get there. By 10, you have some new building
options. You can build Sensor/Anti-Sensor bases, and Depots. If you are
playing against K'Luth, you will want to build a Sensor base immediately, as
it will reveal their locations, even with their cloak on. If you are
playing as K'Luth, you will want to do the opposite and build a Anti-Sensor
base to aid in hideing your ship from pesky sensor ships. Engineering
ships are fragile, so anything that helps you hide is good. If you need
to, build a depot or 2 to assist in repairing friendly ships. Gates and
Shipyards do not repair your ship. If you dock damaged, you stay damaged.

Once your tech level reaches 20, you will want to build Defence Bases (type
1). Each one requires 10 power, and 1 person to operate. Defence Bases
will protect your planet from bombs, and fire on any enemy ship that comes
into range. Fighter Bases, however, will only fire on enemy ships, they
cannot shoot down bombs. As neccissary, build more Fusion Genorators.
Finally, if you are content with type 1s, place down a couple fighter bases
if you feel they would help in defence.

*Note: If you stay at this tech level, scrap all but 1 reserch lab, you
won't need the others.
**Note: To get maximum building prestige, build structures one at a time.

This will provide you a basic defended planet.
(End of Part 1)

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