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So, why should I subscribe to Darkspace?

  So, you've downloaded the game already or going to download it and you're wondering, why should I subscribe to Darkspace? Here in this article will explain to you what you dont get as a demo user on the server...

  If you havent found out yet, the game is $9.99 US per month subscription by Credit card. Dont have a credit card? Dont worry, Darkspace features a number of different payment methods such as Pay-By-Cash, check, and money order. Now, its time to get on to the reasons why the subscription is worth it...

A Command Dreadnought breaks away as the pilot completes a bombing run...

  Lets start out with the obvious, lets face it, the server isn't as populated and fun as the (Fleet Admiral Server) and the MetaVerse are. These servers can get up to three times the number of players that you'd normally see in the newbie server. On the newbie server you most likely wont have as much fun or get as much help as you would on the other servers for those that are subscribed.

  So lets face it, you never get to see what Darkspace has to offer on the newbie mainly because...its the demo user/newbie server. This leads to many people just leaving because they never bother to ask what its really like. Thats what this guide is for.

The ICC Interdictor ship prevents this ship from escaping by disabling its jump drives and ensures a fireworks show.

  Ooooh, so you want to know more about the benefits of subscribing are. Well, once you subscribe, you can start to earn prestige and gain rank, which leads to you being able to use more of the ships avaiable in Darkspace. All stats recorded before subscription will be tallied up when you subscribe to give you your prestige. Oh and remember, if you subscribe by credit card or whatnot and dont see your demo status gone, try entering a server, that'll fix it.

  The image on the right is only a glimpse into what type of ships you can gain access to with time. Now, its time to get on to the main course of the subscription meal. Your ships...

Only a glimpse into what subscribing to Darkspace can earn you later on...

  As a demo user, you'd be limited to the weakest of the three faction's warships such as the lower class engineer ship, the scout fighters, and the frigates. If you've played on the Newbie server before, you might have noticed that when subscribed users are flying destroyers, they are most likely going to completely devastate you if you are alone.

  But, as a subscribed user, as you gain ranks you will be able to start using the higher level ships soon. Starting with your first new ship being the destroyer most likely, you will continue gaining more powerful ships such as the cruiser and dreadnought and the ultimate ship, the Support Station. There are several classes of each ship type for you to choose from. You will also to be able to use the supply ship when you earn the requirements for it.

A K'luth dreadnought is about to finish off this ICC Support Station as it positions itself under it near the planet Titan...


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