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Darkspace Connection Downloads

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Darkspace Clients
Darkspace Release Client (v1.481)
Filesize: 37.2 MB
Author: Faustus
The full download for the game, Darkspace, this is what you need to play Darkspace on the release servers.
Darkspace Beta Client
Filesize: 35.5 MB
Author: Faustus
The Beta Version of the Darkspace Client, this is the version you need to test upcoming versions of Darkspace.
Misc. Darkspace Downloads
GCQL Color Theme: Old Skool
Filesize: 213 Bytes
Author: FireMoth
A cool teal/black background with a variety of other theme fitting colors, a great theme.
GCQL Color Themes Pack
Filesize: 995 Bytes
Author: Wolfram
Color Themes pack for the Darkspace GCQL Client, themes include: K'luth, UGTO, ICC, Gaifen, and Energy Entity
User Created Darkspace Scenarios
Filesize: 11.3KB
Author: DOM700
Nice balanced, no great advantage for big ships, very "colorful" map, great optic and not too symmetric. Takes place in a former by the Atlantic people inhabitated system, with many mystery corners to hide... Some minor changes compared to Kakadoo Updated version, it works again (-DOM700)
Alula Australius
Filesize: 9.78KB
Author: DOM700
4 Stars, 2 Clusters, 3 single Planets, and everything else you need for a nice map I took care of a nice optic as usual, and fairness of course Capture the 4 flagged planets to win the map.(-DOM700)
Kruger 60
Filesize: 16.7KB
Author: JackSwift
A real system (don't know bout the planets though but the stars and star names are correct) that has 7 objective planets that aren't really clustered. This map contains UGTO, ICC, and the K'luth. Mineral rich for the most part... nobody but me has tried it and I really like it so you are welcome to d/l it and try it out. (-JackSwift)
Darkspace Wallpapers
Kakadoo/Altair Wallpaper (1024x768)
Filesize: 350KB
Author: DOM700
Mycopia Cluster Wallpaper (1024x768)
Filesize: 749KB
Author: Baron Von Virtu
Wallpaper image of the Mycopia Cluster in Luyten.
The Earth, the Sun,and the Station(1024x768)
Filesize: 257KB
Author: Baron Von Virtu







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    DS Academy Home
    Getting Started
   Getting Started Part 2 (Ingame)
   Getting Started 3 -  Navigation
    How Shipyards Work
    Barren Planet Build Guide
    Planet Types Guide
    Shipyard Manners Guide
    Starports & Basic Modding
    1.481 Building Guide (Part 1)
    1.481 Building Guide (Part 2)

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