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The Staff at the Darkspace Connection
What you see at the Darkspace Connection wouldn't be possible without the work of these fine people, the DSC team.


Site Administrator/Founder
Baron Von Virtu
I have had an interest in website design since a young age, you know, back when Geocities and Angelfire was the thing you had to try and of course those sites you made there really had no purpose or weren't sucessful in any way. After a while, I began to mess around with websites and I created a website called The Interstate Betabase that had beta screenshots from the Interstate 76/Nitro/82 series by Activision, this led me to a staffing job at a Interstate based community website where I managed a couple sections and led up to the point where I became webmaster. That site eventually died because of the lack of success the game's sequel had and I moved on to other things including The Loose Cannon Connection which is based on a game that currently seems like has dropped into the void. Then one day a friend told me to try out this new space game called Darkspace somewhere around December 2002. I tried it and fell in love with it. And in June of 2003 I came up with the idea to start a Darkspace community website, the last english languaged community website had died long before because of the disappearence of its webmaster. And here we are today, Darkspace's number one community website of the moment.
Co-Site Administrator
Recently promoted to Co-Site Administrator. Second Staff Member ever hired.
Our resident Newsie!
Hey, we got another newsie! Oh gawd, everyone run! Demorian is one of the old players of Darkspace, who founded and led the Galactic Navy fleet and has been an active part of the Darkspace community for a very long time.



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    Ship Capturing

    DS Academy Home
    Getting Started
   Getting Started Part 2 (Ingame)
   Getting Started 3 -  Navigation
    How Shipyards Work
    Barren Planet Build Guide
    Planet Types Guide
    Shipyard Manners Guide
    Starports & Basic Modding
    1.481 Building Guide (Part 1)
    1.481 Building Guide (Part 2)

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