Gameplay Guides

Please note that all pages in this section of the site may contain spoilers - proceed at your own risk!

This page will hopefully soon be bustling with many pages of information, hints and tips. Check back regularly for more, and look out for updates to this section listed on the main page.

"Actions" guide

For detailed information about all the early actions in the game then look no further. Once you have read and understood these, you should be prepared to face all other actions.

Missions listings

This will eventually also include basic walkthroughs or hints for each mission, but for now simply list every mission and the various paths through the game. MAJOR SPOILERS THROUGHOUT - you have been warned.

Conversation System guide

This confuses a lot of people, so is a guide to understanding the conversation system and maybe a couple of hints and tips for chatting your way to success...

Character Stats and Levels

More for your information than to seriously help you in the game, here are a collection of various details and statistics for certain characters and character classes.