Please help me by e-mailing me details of any review not here... I am looking to create a consise list so I will not be bogging it down with loads of quotes - just links if applicable and final scores.

  • Website review: RepRev. Final score 90% (check it out!)
  • Magazine review: PC Gamer, UK. Final score 80%
  • Magazine review: PC Gaming World, UK. Final score 78%
  • Magazine review: PC Zone, UK. Final score 88% ("Award for Excellance")
  • Magazine review: Hyper, Australia. Final score 80% (gameplay: 89%)
  • Magazine review: PC Gamer, Sweden. Final score 80%
  • Magazine review: Gamesmaster, UK. Final score 84% (gameplay: 89%)
  • Magazine review: GamesTM, UK. Final score 7/10 (transcript)
  • Magazine review: PC GamePlay, Holland. Final score 83% (transcript)
  • Website review: GamesDomain. Final score 3.5/5 (transcript)
  • Website review: Juegos PC, Spanish. Final score 89% (transcript)
  • Website review: Final score 7.3/10 (transcript)
  • Website review: EuroGamer. Final score 6/10 (transcript)
  • Website review: GamerArchive. Final score 9/10 (transcript)
  • Website review: GameSpot. Final score 6.9/10 (transcript)
  • Website review: ActionTrip. Final score 74% (transcript)
  • Website review: GamersHell. Final score 7.3/10 (transcript)
  • Website review: LoadedInc. Final score 88% (transcript)