Elixir's Formation - Part 1

Elixir Studios Ltd is a leading developer of interactive entertainment software. It now employs over 45 people at its offices in Camden, London, UK. Elixir was formed in 1998 by Demis Hassabis, co-creator of Theme Park, one of the most successful computer games of all time.

Through his diaries, published in "Edge Magazine", Demis explained his thoughts and feelings about his new "direction in life" - forming Elixir.

In December 1998, Demis had left sure-fire success with Peter Molyneux behind him. The reason was his burning desire to set up and run his own games company. So when the opportunity arose for him to be able to do his own thing he felt he had to grab the chance. As he commented later, "Foolhardiness maybe, but I had to take the plunge otherwise how would I ever have known. You only get one life, so you have to give it your best shot and try with all your might to make your dreams and ambitions come true." Let's not forget that Demis had by that time hardly wasted his life, having worked alongside game designer genius Peter Molyneux, becoming International Grand Master at the 1998 "Mind Spots Olympiads" and having been a chess Master at the age of twelve.

Over the following weeks and days, Demis carefully selected people he knew would be beneficial to the company, and set about luring them in. Nearly all were happy to join him in his venture... friend Dave Silver, the eccentric but creative Joe McDough and Tim Clarke, a programming and hacking genius, being the first to sign up. Dave Silver was actually involved with the initial setting up of the company, along with Demis, and has a place on the Company Board, as Chief Technical Officer.

In December 1998, the company entered into a publishing agreement with Eidos Interactive for the development of three titles. Eidos is one of the world's leading publishers of interactive entertainment software. The whole process of finding and signing up with Eidos actually took a long time...

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