These are general specifications that Demis Hassbais has mentioned before release, and confirmed by Elixir in an email... more detailed info will appear here shortly.

  • Pentium III 800 (1 gig preferable)
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Drive space unspecified (although two CD's usually means at least 500meg)
  • 32 meg Second Generation Graphics card - e.g. GeForce 2 (optimised by Ge Force FX's though, I believe)
  • O/S unspecified (Windows 98 SE)
Don't forget that the 'Totality Engine', whilst utilising the best from the newest computers, is a scaleable engine, allowing those of us without mega PC's to play the game - although maybe with a drop in graphical quality. When I first interviewed Demis Hassabis, I mentioned the specifications that might be needed. He quoted 128 meg of RAM as a minimum, but those with 512 meg RAM will get an even more amazing gaming experience as the Totality engine makes the most of the hardware you've got.

For more information on the Totality Engine and what the concepts of it are, click here.