The following is a list of all the official awards that Republic has won. Many awards were given over a year before the release, showing the potential of the game from the early stages.

E3 2002 Awards

  • GameSpy, who last year gave Republic their "Best in Show" award, have this year been content with giving Republic the "Best PC Strategy Game" award.
  • PC.IGN.COM awarded Republic with their "Innovative Design" award, and came runner-up in the "Game of Show" and "Technological Excellence" categories. (Date: 30/05/2002)

E3 2001 Awards

  • The official E3 awards at have given Republic: The Revolution a runner-up award for "Best Strategy Game". The game was also nominated in the "Best Original Game" category. (Date: 19/06/2001)
  • Gamespy have awarded Republic: The Revolution their prestigious "Game of Show" Award. (Date: 31/05/2001)
  • Republic: The Revolution has excelled in the IGN PC E3 awards, winning the "PC Technological Excellence" award and gaining three runner-up places. (Date: 31/05/2001)
  • Gamespot have awarded Republic: The Revolution with an "Editor's Choice" award after seeing the game at E3 2001. (Date: 06/06/2001)
  • The folks at Game Revolution have awarded Republic: The Revolution with a "Best of E3" awards in the "Strategy" category. (Date: 06/06/2001)