Republic Role-Play

Tired of waiting for the game to come out? Want something interesting to do, and meet new people? Well, you could either go to the pub, or you could join in the online Republic Role-Play (#4), set up by some die-hard Republic fans on my forums.

Now being restarted with many exciting changes, this is the best time to join up and have fun doing a bit of role-playing. But before you jump onto the forums, here's a quick low-down of what happens, and a couple of links so things don't seem totally new to you when you check it out.

The original RepRev Role-Play was started in early May with a couple of regular forum members. It was fun for a while, but many people soon realised that it wasn't much fun playing a game with no really aim. Things even got a bit heated with revalations of spying and cheating. So R-P #4 was devised.

There are four factions wrestling for power in the fictional country of Novistrana, where the role-play (and the actual game) is set.

Well - the game has changed a lot in the past few months, but this time it's looking good with literally hundreds or even thousands of messages posted every day. It's the sort of thing that takes time to understand and fit in with, and a lot of determination and commitment is needed, but it is great fun. If you wish to see what the fuss is about, check out the rules subforum, take a look around, and if you want to, sign up. You may not get admitted immediatly, but prove yourself to be a good poster and a respectable forum member, and you will be welcomed. Enjoy!