Artificial Intelligence - Part 1

"Republic: The Revolution" came into the limelight two years ago, not just because it was being headed up by one of the most impressive talents in the computer games industry after Peter Molyneux, but equally because of the many spectacular promises heralded by the team:

"Richest simulation environment ever"
"Revolutionary AI techniques will allow one million living and breathing individual citizens to inhabit the towns and cities in Novistrana"

Demis has always made it his goal in the game to have some wonderful Artificial Intelligence (AI). Indeed, to make the concept of the game work at all, the game needs to have state of the art AI incorporated, so that the computer can make suitable in-game changes resulting from your actions (such as in "Black and White"). The AI would have to be complex and powerful enough to handle many thousands of situations (every person in Novistrana, the imaginary "world", has his or her own set of beliefs, emotions, skills and loyalties that govern their behaviour). Such is the enormity of the task, the team at Elixir have worked on the game for at least 4 years, and at time of writing, the game is still around 6 months from completion.

Let me make this point clear before I go further: I am not a great programmer, and I have no idea about the technology used to create the AI or anything like that. Don't expect to find details about how the AI was constructed!

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