Special Feature: E3 2003


E3 is an annual event where industry professionals meet to divulge information and advertise their products. For Elixir and Eidos, this year will be the biggest yet, and Demis and the team have been working for weeks before the show to create something to show those lucky enough to have affiliations with the gaming industry or the press (no general public are allowed in). This is the last E3 before the release of the game.

Three members of the Elixir team were at E3 - Demis Hassabis, Joe McDonagh and one other, unknown person.

Here is the list of everything Republic related for E3 2003. Check back regularly, as this should be updated often!


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Artwork / Screenshots

  • See the first batch of E3 screenshots here!

  • The first E3 trailer has been released (bottom of page).
Elixir's second game
  • It's to be called Evil Genius - read about it here in a special RepRev section.

  • Coming soon!