Jobs and Opportunities

Up until now, all of the work on this site (apart from the general design) has been done by one person - myself. However, as the release date approaches (later this year), I have decided that some extra help with the site would be very useful. I am also looking for people who would like to have their own Republic-related weekly column, and I am happy to work with people so that interesting and opinionated sections can open up on this site to go alongside the technical details already covered. Sorry - but you don't get paid for any of this!

Here then are the details:

Site helper

I am looking for someone who will keep an eye out for interesting news articles and information about the game. Naturally, I'm not looking for any particular qualifications or anything, but a real interest in the game, a desire to make this site the best for Republic news and good commitment are essential. In particular I am looking for someone either from the UK (like myself) or from America. To start with, I will be the only one to actually update the website (with news being sent to my email address), but after time I will give access to the helper so he/she can update alone. Interested? E-mail me.


Have an idea for an interesting Republic-based column or story? Look no further. I will be able to create a page for you on my site. All you need to do is write the interesting and enjoyable content, and e-mail it to me on a regular basis, which I'll upload onto the internet. A great way to reach the Republic fan base. E-mail me for more details.

Hosted Sites

RepRev is also keen to see the Republic community grow, and to this end, hosting opportunities are available for you to have your own website with your own look. Websites which focus one particular parts of the game are especially welcomed. The website will be at the address "" and must comply with the hosting regulations that Gamespy issues. E-mail me me for the lowdown.