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Whether itís the plasma guns, or the high roundhouse kicks, your Ghandros Thralls will be a sight to behold, and to beware. They can strike from far or near. Outfit your Sanctum with alloy and crude-force blocks. Complement bright data-beacons with high yield radiation traps, and watch your enemies glow with envy, as well as their Thralls. A Ghandros Horde is the perfect choice for you technophiles.

Note on Speed values:  It appears that the lower the number the faster the Thrall.
Note on Attacks and Damage values:  Attacks & Damage Values are not current yet


 Mole Armor: 4

Health: 1250

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Regular Point and Shoot 55 8 75
Claw Punch 80 1 100
Object Attack 67 8 100
Force (min/max) -16 / 30    

Name: Traumaton (Rank 1), Paindroid (Rank 2), Killbot (Rank 3)
: 100,000   Speed: 900   Dodge Chance: 15

The Traumaton is an expert at reconnaissance and has an excellent grasp of its surroundings.  It carries a Plasma Pistol for its ranged attacks and punches with a small claw like weapon for hand-to-hand battles.

Attacks / Movement
One arm of these sophisticated machines is armed with a Plasma blaster capable of melting through the most tempered steel.  Their other arm wields a fist of razor sharp claws.  Formidable, though slower than most moles.

Moles are capable of manning mortar cannons and using all dispensers, enabling them to Heal Thralls, to reload Sanctum cannons and to carry deadly bombs.

 Drone Armor: 5

Health: 1750

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Punch 133 1 75
Kick to Head 193 1 75
Sweeping Kick to Head 193 1 75
Punch Object 255 1 100
Punch Downward 312 1 100
Ninja Flurry 222 1 75
Force (min/max) -22 / 50

Pervader (Rank 1), Invader (Rank 2), Revader (Rank 3)
: 200,000   Speed: 500   Dodge Chance: 20

The Pervader is a vicious hand-to-hand fighter. Trained to use its Fists in close-combat, this Drone is alluring and deadly.  Enemies should avoid staring, she might take offense.

Attacks / Movement
The speed and precision of its heavily armored hands and feet make the Pervader's physical attacks deadly, as does its quickness.

Tactical advantage of beings able to jump up one level.  Added quickness and stealth.

 Golem Armor: 6

Health: 2500

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
From The Hip 300 9 60
Smackdown 200 1 65
Object Quick Laser Shot 850 9 60
Object Attack 850 9 100
Force (min/max) -22 / 50

Cyborg (Rank 1), Seismobot (Rank 2), Gigantroid (Rank 3)
: 250,000   Speed: 1400   Dodge Chance: 5

The Cyborg makes use of a light Laser Cannon on one arm and fights hand to hand with a deadly claw on the other, raking it relentlessly across unfortunate enemies when they are foolish to approach.

Attacks / Movement
The sheer size of the plasma blast generated by these walking cannons is astounding.  Providing they can stay out of range, or fend off enemy Thralls with their massive metal claw, they are deadly opponents, though slow, as most Golems are.

The plasma projected from these walking cannons is so hot it burns through any enemy Thrall caught in its path, continuing to do damage until it strikes a structure.

 Brain Armor: 2

Health: 750




Hit Chance

Eyeball Laser 40 8 50
Object Attack 120 8 90
Force (min/max) -16 / 30

Name: Overseer (Rank 1), Optitron (Rank 2), Nomad (Rank 3)
: 200,000   Speed: 1000   Dodge Chance: 10

The Overseer has a uniquely destructive perspective on the world.  An energon thruster keeps it buoyant, while its infamous eye, once trained upon its enemy, can fire a refined Optical Laser Burst at its target.  Its cache of Memro! powers most of this Thrall's functions.

Attacks / Movement
The only means of attack for these slow-flying machines is their optical lasers.  Defensively they can places blocks tactically to hinder movement and barricade breached structures.  Block type improves with experience.

1 - Force Field
2 - Assembler

When energy permits, Overseers possess the ability to generate energy force fields that surround and protect all units within the Thrall's range.

Values reflect Pre-Alpha

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