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Fast and tough might be two words used to describe the Olfrum Horde. Colorful and slimy could be two more. With their own limbs, or crude clubs as weapons, and their regenerative powers, they are a menace to all. Build your Sanctum with biomatter and resin blocks as well as exotic alien plant life. The biting Snapper and spitting Sentry will make enemy Thralls nostalgic for the days of little green men.

Note on Speed values:  It appears that the lower the number the faster the Thrall.


 Mole Armor: 0

Health: 1400

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Regular Poke 117 1 60
Regular Powerswat Down 155 1 60
Regular Powerswat Diagonal 107 1 65
Downward Object Attack 265 1 100
Object Attack 265 1 60
Force (min/max) -19 / 40    

Fubashi (Rank 1), Attara (Rank 2), Nigiri (Rank 3)
: 100,000   Speed: 800   Dodge Chance: 10

The Fubashi wields a hardened biomatter Gore Club whose heavy end can generate a steady supply of gooey corrosive spores, as well as deliver a crushing blow.  These Thralls are especially deadly in groups.

Attacks / Movement
Fubashi use their Club to great advantage, almost like a third arm.  Their speed allows them to attack from every angle, and deliver devastating kicks.

Moles are capable of manning mortar cannons and using all dispensers, enabling them to Heal Thralls, to reload Sanctum cannons and to carry deadly bombs.

 Drone Armor: 0

Health: 1750

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Left Uppercut Right Hook 213 1 100
Diving Double Pinch 131 1 60
Strong Punch 164 1 65
Object Attack 190 1 60
Downward Object Attack 272 1 100
Force (min/max) -22 / 50

Thramphis (Rank 1), Phylobate (Rank 2), Molon (Rank 3)
: 200,000   Speed: 450   Dodge Chance: 20

The Thramphis clamps down on its enemies with its two deadly Claws. Quite accustomed to using these natural extensions of its own solid frame, this thrall is a formidable hand-to-hand fighter.

Attacks / Movement
These fearsome creatures lash out violently with deadly claws.  Their favorite maneuver in an impressive double spike lunge.  They are very quick.

Tactical advantage of being able to jump up 1 level.
Enhanced speed.

 Golem Armor: 0

Health: 2750

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Right Hook 190 1 75
Left Smackdown 253 1 75
Right Uppercut 275 1 75
Object Punch 425 1 100
Object Attack 425 1 100
Downward Attack 566 1 55
Force (min/max) -30 / 70

Corru (Rank 1), Alfrum (Rank 2), Egorn (Rank 3)
: 250,000   Speed: 1000   Dodge Chance: 5

Simply, an overgrown mass of matter with barely distinguishable features, the Corru is born to bash.  As the Olfrum enforcer, it uses its natural appendages to flail its victims into a senseless daze.  Its shambling gait has caused many to underestimate this Thrall...once.

Attacks / Movement
The Corru uses its extra long limbs to great advantage, pounding all enemies with a variety of punches, including a devastating upper cut.  This lumbering giant is quite fast for a Golem.

When severely injured, the Corru exudes a redolent gas which causes a mild infestation.  Its regenerative powers make it difficult to defeat.

 Brain Armor: 0

Health: 750




Hit Chance

Claw Punch 30 1 75
Another Claw Punch 0 1 75
Object Attack 0 1 100
Downward Object Attack 0 1 100
Force (min/max) -16 / 30    

Eldahn (Rank 1), Temaki (Rank 2), Anther (Rank 3)
: 150,000   Speed: 1000   Dodge Chance: 10

Relatively weak when inexperienced this Thrall becomes deadly later on in its Campaign.  The Eldahn's claws are its only natural form of standard attack.  Its non-standard attacks will cause havoc in the enemies ranks.  Levels of Flo-jo!  dictate the extent to which these Thralls are effective.

Attacks / Movement
The Eldahn's physical attacks are not imposing but combined with its ability to infect enemy Thralls they are formidable.

1 - Comakinesis
2 - Infestation

Along with causing Infestation (which disarms traps and poisons enemy Thralls), the Eldahn is able to direct Flo-jo! to induce a catatonic state in enemy Thralls via a process called Comakinesis.

Values reflect Pre-Alpha

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