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Field a Strunar Horde and watch the lead fly. Heavily armored and heavily armed, Strunar Thralls can cut a swath through any enemy from a safe distance, and then wade in for the coup-de-gras. Design your Sanctum with blocks made of metal or concrete. Add a smokestack or two for that industrial look. Donít worry about the EPA, they wonít make it past your poison gas sewer traps, and neither will the enemy.

Note on Speed values:  It appears that the lower the number the faster the Thrall.


 Mole Armor: 0

Health: 1250

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Regular Kneeling Shot 40 8 60
Regular Point & Shoot 40 5 60
Kick 100 1 65
Object Attack 40 6 100
Regular From the Hip 40 4 60
Force (min/max) -16 / 20    

Grunt (Rank 1), Dogface (Rank 2), Jarhead (Rank 3)
: 100,000   Speed: 533   Dodge Chance: 15

The Grunt carries an Automatic Weapon that fires bursts of steel projectiles or "bullets" at its enemy. These bullets can be fired from a safe distance so long as there is a direct line of sight to the target.

Attacks / Movement
These gritty Thralls carry fully automatic machine guns capable of penetrating even the toughest armor.  They can also make use of their combat boots in up close and personal situations, and are quite fast.

Moles are capable of manning mortar cannons and using all dispensers, enabling them to Heal Thralls, to reload Sanctum cannons and to carry deadly bombs.

 Drone Armor: 10

Health: 1500

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
From the Hip 60 3 60
Punch 100 1 65
Point and Shoot 60 4 60
Object Attack 174 4 100
Force (min/max) -32 / 70

Trooper (Rank 1), Sarge (Rank 2), LT (Rank 3)
: 200,000   Speed: 600   Dodge Chance: 20

The Trooper's right arm is a modified pump-action shotgun.  For those more intimate occasions, its left arm is a hardened metal spike meant to punch through any armor.  This one's a real hard case.

Attacks / Movement
The Trooper, though slow is devastating at close range; its shotgun obliterates anything within sight, and has a wide dispersal.

Tactical advantage of beings able to jump up one level.  Added armor.

 Golem Armor: 20

Health: 3000

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Minigun 100 6 55
Cannon 800 16 50
Object 2000 16 50
Force (min/max) -28 / 70

Tank (Rank 1), Bradley (Rank 2), Panzer (Rank 3)
: 250,000   Speed: 2000   Dodge Chance: 5

The Tank is well-armored and made for heavy assaults.  Equipped with an overpowered Minigun and devastating Cannon, it not only has the capacity to destroy anything in its path; it also has the desire.

Attacks / Movement
These slow-moving, iron giants are armed with a multi barrel machine gun for close range and a rifled 150mm cannon that fires highly explosive shells.

The Tank has the ability to provide ground fire and continuous bombardment of an area from long range, using its cannon.

 Brain Armor: 0

Health: 1000




Hit Chance

Shock Baton Jab 30 1 75
Kinetic Glove Smackdown 33 1 75
Kinetic Glove Attack Down 67 1 100
Object Attack 97 1 100
Force (min/max) -16 / 30

Commander (Rank 1), Commissar (Rank 2), Colonel (Rank 3)
: 100,000   Speed: 733   Dodge Chance: 10

The Commander attacks enemies alternately with his Shock Baton or the butt of his Kinetic Impact Generator Glove. The Shock Baton delivers a mildly lethal shock to enemies. Its commanding presence may even sway enemy Thralls.  All this and more is powered by Gungho!, a strange, replenishing force which the Commander has in abundance.

Attacks / Movement
Armed with a K.S.G and a shock baton; Commanders can make quick work of both Sanctum and Pit structures.  Though quick, they need back-up against tougher Thralls.

1 - Kinetic Impact Generator
2 - Countermand

These Thralls possess the ability to Countermand orders given to enemy Troops causing them to forget what they were doing and wander off randomly.  Also the Kinetic Shock Generator is great for destroying walls.

Values reflect Pre-Alpha

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