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Send shivers down your opponent’s spine by opting for a Tekhan Horde. Armed with stone spikes, stone fists, and incredible speed, they can close for hand-to-hand battle before enemies react. Your Sanctum will be a thing of beauty, adorned with palm trees, stylishly decorated blocks, and… oh yes, fiendishly devised traps. Enemy Thralls will perish with smiles on their faces.

Note on Speed values:  It appears that the lower the number the faster the Thrall.


 Mole Armor: 0

Health: 1250

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Punch - Regular Spike 130 1 75
Swipe - Regular Spike 130 1 75
Uppercut - Regular Spike 158 1 75
Object Attack Down 600 1 100
Object Attack 225 1 100
Force (min/max) -19 / 40

Gladiator (Rank 1), Spartan (Rank 2), Myrmidon (Rank 3)
: 100,000   Speed: 350   Dodge Chance: 15

Hearty and keen, the Gladiatior is a fearsome opponent, especially in a group.  It wields a pointed, Stone Spike to penetrate almost any type of armor.  A formidable adversary with great detection skills.

Attacks / Movement
Masters of unarmed combat, these extremely speedy Thralls unleash a flurry of kicks and punches in hand-to-hand combat.

Moles are capable of manning mortar cannons and using all dispensers, enabling them to Heal Thralls, to reload Sanctum cannons and to carry deadly bombs.

 Drone Armor: 0

Health: 1750

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Left Punch 120 1 75
Flying Kick to the Head 187 1 75
Swinging Punch to the Head 240 1 75
Punch Object 237 1 100
Downward Object Attack 436 1 100
Force (min/max) -22 / 50

Assassin (Rank 1), Hunter (Rank 2), Stalker (Rank 3)
: 200,000   Speed: 400   Dodge Chance: 20

Morbidly seductive, the Assassin is a skilled killer.  Graced with fatal charm, this robust unit is a welcome asset to any team.  She has a spike of the Gods fused into the end of each of her slender yet powerful arms.

Attacks / Movement
Drones have Spikes of the Gods and the tactical advantage of being able to jump up 1 level.  They are quite fast.

Assassins turn invisible and undetectable after remaining still for 5 seconds.

 Golem Armor: 10

Health: 2500

Attacks Damage Range Hit Chance
Punch 213 1 75
Right Graze & Left Uppercut 285 1 75
Smackdown 261 1 75
Object Punch 475 1 100
Downward Object Attack 612 1 100
Force (min/max) -28 / 70    

Maul (Rank 1), Brute (Rank 2), Titan (Rank 3)
: 250,000   Speed: 1333   Dodge Chance: 5

A true giant, the Maul can crush almost any Thrall or object and is quite happy to have the opportunity to prove it.  It needs no other weapon than its mighty fists to pound, slam and obliterate the opposition.

Attacks / Movement
Though quite slow, the Maul is an impressive fighting unit.  Imagine wielding huge boulders as fists.  Its most devastating attack is the two-handed Smackdown.

The highly polished finish on these elemental giants offers added protection from ranged attacks, deflecting all but the most direct hits.

 Brain Armor: 0

Health: 1000




Hit Chance

Left Punch 40 1 75
Double Smackdown 34 1 75
Another Attack 40 1 75
Object Attack Double Smackdown 120 1 100
Object Attack Down 195 1 100
Force (min/max) -16 / 30

Shaman (Rank 1), Fakir (Rank 2), Witchdoctor (Rank 3)
: 150,000   Speed: 550   Dodge Chance: 10

The mystical, tattooed Shaman is armed with two ceremonial Wands of Power.  This Thrall generates a destructive spiritual force called Mojo!, with which to assault its enemy.  Walls are no barrier to its eerie Portable Hole.

Attacks / Movement
The same energy (Mojo!) that grants the Shaman their ability to cast powerful magic suffuses the wands they wield.  Their speed and Mojo! make them effective weapons in dire situations.

1 - Charm
2 - Portable Hole

The Shaman's Charm affects all friendly Thralls within range, increasing the amount of damage they inflict and making them immune to traps.  They can also summon portable holes which allow units to pass through solid objects.

Values reflect Pre-Alpha

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