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8-15-03 - All Attack Stats Updated
8-14-03 - Tekhan Horde Stats
8-10-03 - All Thrall stats and descriptions updated
3-30-03 - Strunar Horde Art
Tekhan Horde Art
2-19-03 - Ghandros Horde Art
9-27-02 - Sanctum Forums Open
  Olfrum Horde Art

Nexagon: The Pit


Nexagon Deathmatch is a fast paced, action packed game of mortal arena combat emphasizing small unit tactics, and featuring character and fortress building in a high stakes blood sport.

Recruit an unstoppable team of cracker-jack combatants with varying fighting skills and weapons.  Construct an impregnable fortress of defenses laden with deadly traps and devastating weaponry.  Traverse an unforgiving arena collecting rewards and finally infiltrate your enemy's Sanctum in a desperate bid to destroy his Nexus.

Nexagon delivers the full package of character building, strategic resource management, and a never before seen depth of real time tactics.

A fully interactive 3D destructible environment

Environmental Objects can be smashed, blown up, broken, knocked down and otherwise affected by your in-game actions.  Every wall, turret, elevator and statue can be attacked and eventually demolished, inevitably impacting the overall strategy of any given battle.

Take control of stationary weapons and send mortar fire raining down upon your rivals.

Gain extra credit by supporting your network sponsors through use of billboards and control of advertising locations.

Persistent and Editable Sanctum with Editor

Design and manage your own persistent, editable base of operations, build defensive structures, traps, weapons and lavish gardens to please the crowd and protect your investment.

As part of the menu interface, the Sanctum Editor allows you to purchase a wide variety of Sanctum Objects between battles.  Walls, weapons, traps, columns, embellishments and more are all readily available to you (assuming you have sufficient Network Credits).  Using a simple interface, you have access to a comprehensive top down view, as well as a fully navigable 3D view with which to place your Sanctum objects.

Persistent Units

Four distinct playable races depict Fantasy, WWII, Robotic, and Alien themes.

Purchase units that gain experience and undergo physical changes over time, becoming more powerful from match to match.

Thralls are your eyes and ears in the field, without them it would be impossible to win a battle.  Using them to destroy the Enemy Nexus is only half the fun as your thralls actually gain experience between battles.  Permanent upgrades are also available for certain thralls, which adds to their value and overall effectiveness.

Earn sufficient credit to buy some heavy hitters who will send smaller enemy units crashing into buildings or flying right out of The Pit entirely.

Persistent League

Battle your way through 3 separate divisions of enemy contenders, increasing your network value to one day compete in the ultimate fight for freedom the Nexagon.

As a competitor for freedom, you must fight Enemy Contenders in three different divisions before earning the right to fight in Nexagon; the ultimate title fight for liberation.  Each division has several contenders who move up or down in the rankings depending on their performance.  Your statistics are carefully maintained and can be viewed at your leisure before or after any battle.  The multiplayer aspect of Nexagon: the Pit takes full advantage of this feature for tracking contenders battling against each other online.

Fight battles online in one on one multiplayer match ups or connect as a spectator to watch the mayhem from front row center.

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